Unique Party Decorations Requires Bright Concepts and Skill

Everyone wants to create special event decorations, which are quite glaring to interest all of the guests.

Attractive decorations for the party can be found in my classmate’s house when he had thankful for his graduation.

The first item that seems glaring in this room is transparent balloons. Each transparent balloon is filled with colorful tissue papers. Pink ribbons embellish these balloons nicely.


Food label on lacquered wood table in high gloss finish is crafted of tough metal. Some foods are served on nice canisters and plates perfectly.

Party Food Label Idea


Attractive Party Decorations

A special celebration cake, existing on the lacquered wood table, is made in a simple design. This unique cake is combined with sweet cream. Colorful sticks that seem like towers are fitted on this cake.

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A white plate in a round shape is used to serve this party cake. Floral pattern tablecloth covers the untreated wood table.

Next to the party cake, I find another wood table without a high gloss finish embellished with a glass containing red and white striped straws. All of colorful Party Decorations in this house are crafted.

Vintage Inspired Straws

Party Decorations for Foods and Drinks

Various drinks served on nice glasses are embellished with unusual swizzle sticks. Each stick is made of high-quality wood and glossy silver ribbons that seem like dandelions.

Tinsel Swizzle Sticks

My classmate says that most of the party adornments are crafted by him because he has mastered handicrafts since elementary school.

I have to admit that he has brilliant ideas and creativity to make any cute decoration.

On the white ceiling in this spacious living space, he fits garlands in assorted colors. This colorful garlands function as attractive colorful Party Decorations.


I sit on a modern grey sofa while enjoying colorful garland crafted likewise zigzag.

Long pillows in grey color are placed on modern grey sofa. On the grey beadboard, there are colorful vintage paper fan garlands.

Paper Fan Garland DIY Project

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Additional Crafts inside Party Decoration

Hot Pink Rock Candy
Hot Pink Rock Candy
Cupcake Table Signs
Cupcake Table Signs
Accordion Streamers
Accordion Streamers
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