Types of Rugs: Materials and Uses

There are many types of floor rugs on the market today. Floor rugs have a variety of origins, designs, designs, and prices. Each type of carpet has its characteristics and is suitable for different spaces.

So to choose the right type of durable and beautiful carpet, you should distinguish between the types of carpets before buying.

Today, people often distinguish types of carpets based on the material.

Because the material significantly affects the characteristics and suitability of the space, homeowners. In addition, when buying carpets, people also choose carpets according to their needs.


Types of Rugs materials

Distinguishing carpet materials is a bit difficult for non-specialists. But when you can distinguish carpets based on the material, buying a comfortable, durable, and beautiful rug is no longer difficult.

Olefin Carpet


Olefin floor rugs are made from synthetic olefin fibers. This type of home decor carpet is highly valued for its quality.

The olefin floor carpet is difficult to stain, anti-mildew, anti-dust, and difficult to fade.

At the same time, you can clean the carpet thoroughly with a strong detergent and still ensure its durability.

However, this type of carpet is unsuitable for places with high traffic density, such as hotels, restaurants, and conference rooms.

Polyester Carpet


Polyester is a synthetic fiber with a characteristic composition of ethylene derived from petroleum. Polyester floor carpet has the following advantages: soft fabric and high elasticity.

As a result, Polyester floor rugs have more advantages over traditional non-hygroscopic fabrics.

In addition, with the low absorbency of Polyester fabric, the carpet is naturally stain-resistant, absorbs oil, and has good water resistance, dust resistance, and optimal fire resistance.

Nylon fiber Carpet


Currently, nylon fiber carpets control about 70% of the market. Nylon fiber carpet has anti-fouling properties, is easy to wash, has high smoothness, and is easy to color, suitable for all projects with different large and small spaces.

Also, nylon carpet is much cheaper than other types of carpet, although the quality is not inferior. Therefore, this type of floor carpet is trendy in All families.

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Acrylic Carpet


Acrylic rugs are also known as velvet rugs. The advantages of acrylic floor rugs are that they are soft, can be used for a long time in humid and slightly foggy environments, and many people walk through them.

In particular, floor rugs made of Acrylic fiber are of high quality and durability and are very popular for use in corridors, stairs, conference rooms, etc., at the hotel.

Wool Carpet


Wool rugs last 10 to 15 years and are soft, supple, and of delicate color.

Today, high-quality wool rugs are often produced with hand-woven or semi-handmade wool sofa products and hand-woven rugs with awe-inspiring designs.

Wool rugs are the most sophisticated type when classifying floor rugs by quality. Therefore, this type of carpet is “slightly” more expensive than other types.

Distinguishing rugs based on their use

When classifying floor rugs according to their intended use, we have three basic types:

Floor carpet: only used to cover office space, living room, and bedroom: This type is usually used to cover all or part of the floor.

Carpet designs usually have two styles: designing each panel into one or one large sheet.

The disadvantage of this type of carpet is that the manufacturing process requires high expertise.

Decorative carpet: Decorative floor carpet is often used under the sofa, salon, or bed path; the medium size is about 2m2 – 6m2.

Wall carpet: As the name suggests, this is a type of carpet used to create partitions and walls to create different spaces.

Currently, on the market, these rugs are very diverse in designs and sizes. So you can choose for your room a satisfying carpet based on the material or the need to use it.

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