5 Types of Carpet Decorative Functions

Carpets have so many different decorative uses that sometimes you may be unable to use them fully.

And here are five uses of floor rugs outlined by Rugdots for your reference.

Let’s see if you have taken advantage of all the functions of this decorative product line.


Floor covering


The primary use of the carpet line is precisely what the name suggests – it is used to cover the floor.

Homeowners also use this function when choosing carpets for interior decoration.

Carpets selected according to the color of the living room will help your home become more luxurious and sophisticated.


Tablecloth Rug

Have you ever used a rug as a tablecloth?

But only with a few variations to match the size of the table runner usually used; you can use some of the floor mats to decorate the dining table with a more personal and unique look.

Bedroom Decoration

Using floor mats placed at the foot of the bed or as an alternative to a runner bed would be an impressive choice.

To make the space more interesting, you can choose a rug with a clear pattern and modify it to match the size of the runner bed line.

Also, read about rugs for living room ideas.

Wall hanger

Wall hanger Carpet

Using a rug instead of wall art isn’t a bad idea, either. You know, the rug provides smooth lines, textures, and stitches; These factors are combined enough to create uniqueness when used for decoration.

Combine multiple functions

Carpets Decoration Functions

If floor covering is the most basic function of carpeting, why not replace it with more carpet?

Like the picture above, you can see how to arrange several rugs in one space. “Combination in the art of fitting” is this combination.

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