Tips to Take Care of the Rug to Eliminate Damp and Dust

The rug is one of the ornaments that beautify the room and home furniture that can be used for playing mats or when gathering with family in front of the TV.

How to take care for Rug

In tropical countries like Asia, which tend to be damp, caring for and storing rugs can be quite a hassle. The rug has the potential to be a place for mold and dust, and dirt to easily settle.

Therefore it is essential to keep the rug dry and away from damp. Kavita Chaudhary, Design Head of Jaipur Rugs, provides tips on caring for rugs to make them durable and germ-free, as quoted from the India Times.

1. Clean the rug from dust and dampness with a vacuum cleaner at least twice a week. Vacuuming really helps to eliminate dirt, potential mold, and residue from the rug at regular intervals.

2. Do daily cleaning with a broom and duster. It is also essential to remove loose rug fibers that can trigger an allergic reaction if inhaled.

3. To prevent damp or musty smells, Kavita suggests laying out the rug and exposing it to the sun all day.

4. Store the rug rolled, not folded, to prevent it from becoming damp and exposed to water or food spills. It is highly recommended to put a bag of silica gel in the rug roll to keep it dry and not damp.

5. If your house or residence is in a humid area, you should choose a light cotton rug. When it rains, or the weather is damp, cotton rugs will dry faster.

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