The Rug Size Guide for Living Room and Other Spaces


How to choose the right size of living room carpet to promote its beauty of the carpet? The question is a headache for many.

This is important in complementary furniture such as a sofa or coffee table.

Each type of carpet used for different purposes requires its size.

Knowing the standard rug sizes will help a lot in choosing a rug. To make the space more beautiful and refined.


Popular living room rug sizes

RoomAreaRug Size (feet)Room Size (feet)Border (floor)
Living RoomSofa9’x12′12’x18′ or larger 
 Sofa8’x10′11’x13′ or larger12″ – 18″
 Sofa6’x9′11’x13′ or smaller2′
 Coffe table5’x7′  
 Landing Place3’x5′  
Dining RoomLarge Table9’x12′  
 Medium Table8’x10′; 6’x9′  
 Small Table6’x9′; 8′ Round rug  
Hallway 2.5’x7′; 2.5’x10′  
BedroomKing Bed9’x12′  
 Queen Bed8’x10′; 6’x9′  
 Full Bed6’x9′; 3’x5′ (2 rugs)  
 Twin Bed8’x10′;5’x7′;3’x5′ (2 rugs)  
 Double Twin3’x5′ between 2 beds  
 Double Twin2.5’x7′;2.5’x10′ across  
KitchenLarge (200 sq.ft.)8’x10′; 9’x12′;3’x5′;5’x7′  
 Medium (100-200)3’x5′;5’x7′  
 Small (70 sq.ft.)2’x3′;5’x7′  
 Long (10 ft.)2.5’x7′;2.5’x10′  
OutdoorPatios (dining sets)5’x7′;6’x9′;8’x10′;9’x12′  
 Entryways (smaller)3’x5′; 2’x3′  

Used in the living room, the choice of rug size is critical. It brings aesthetic beauty to the room and saves unused space, especially when you need to choose the right living room rug size in combination with the sofa.

Depending on the type of sofa, we will choose the appropriate size.

For example, what is the size of the sofa rug? What is the size of the corner sofa rug? You can see several sizes of rugs in use today.

Check out some of today’s common living room rug sizes.

  • Small rug (S): 40cm x 60cm, 100cm x 150cm, 80 x 150 cm
  • Medium size rug (M): 100cm x 200cm, 140cm x 200cm, 120 x170 cm
  • Large rug (L): 150cm x 210cm, 170cm x 240cm, 160 x 230 cm
  • Large rug (XL): 180cm x 250cm, 200cm x 300cm, 200 x 290 cm
  • Max mattress (XXL): 240cm x 330cm, 280cm x 365cm,
  • Round/oval rugs: 120cm, 190cm, 115cm

Thus, customers can choose the carpet size that best suits their living room, depending on the area. Featured sofa set, tea table and living room.

Also, read about Rugs for Living Room: Guidance and Ideas.

How do you determine the size of the living room rug to use?

First, you need to determine the size of the room. Then align the size of the living room rug most appropriately and most pleasing to the eye.

From there, accurately measure the section’s size and area using floor mats reasonably.

If you still can’t figure it out, you can use a mat or many old newspapers to get an idea of ​​where the carpet is.

In addition, choosing the living room carpet size should pay attention to the sofa set and the accompanying sofa coffee table.

Because if combined with a sofa set will add elegance significantly. They complement each other and enhance their beauty while performing in luxurious spaces.

To find out how to choose the size of a living room rug with a sofa, read this article.

How to choose the size of the living room carpet

Choosing the right size of living room rug is one crucial thing. But how to decorate the carpet so that it is beautiful and unified is another matter.

Also, take photos of the entire living room space from many angles if possible. Then the carpet salesman will give the most detailed advice.

Don’t forget to take photos of the furniture, decorations and room colors so that an experienced person can choose the rug that suits you best.

Hopefully, through this article, customers have known the size of the living room carpet to choose the right rug for their home. Visit Rugdots to read many other exciting and interesting articles.

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