Rugs for Living Room: Guidance and Ideas

Carpet is considered a versatile living room interior decoration material and a beneficial way to decorate a beautiful living room.

Rugs for living room

If you are wondering why it is said to be a multipurpose rug and why use a sofa rug or home decor rug? This article will reveal it to you.

If in the past, people chose to buy living room interior carpets because of their good water absorption, now people use carpets as a way to decorate a beautiful living room.

Why? This change stems from great aesthetics and the use value of modern carpets.


Why use a sofa rug?

Using a sofa rug is the most popular choice to decorate a beautiful living room.

Everyone admits that the living room is much more luxurious thanks to the sofa rug. Not to mention the sofa rug makes the living room much cleaner.

Sofa floor rugs

Talking about sofa rugs, many people immediately think about how to decorate the living room with carpet under the living room sofa. This is the most common type of carpet in living room interior decoration, especially apartment living room decorations.

Sofa Rugs

Using a carpet under the sofa can keep the room clean and warm your feet.

Especially in the interior decoration of the apartment, the sofa rug is also a living room interior decoration that separates the living room from the kitchen.

Sofa Cover

However, other types of sofa rugs are no less popular, namely blanket rugs. What is a carpet blanket?

Carpet blankets go by many names. You can call it a rug blanket, sofa cover or sofa rug.

SOfa Rugs

Although there is no official definition of a sofa rug, you can understand it as a thin rug used to spread or cover a sofa. You can see the image below.

Although just born, this interior decoration is very popular with lovers of beautiful living room interior decoration. The sofa rug is perfect for vintage style in living room interior decoration.

Sofa Rugs
Source: Imperialrooms

Sofa covers have the advantage of being compact, easy to clean, and very aesthetically pleasing.

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What type of sofa should use a sofa rug?

Rugs are such a versatile home decor item does not mean they can decorate all sofas.

You can only use rugs as a beautiful living room decoration for certain types of sofas. Today’s most popular and easy-to-decorate rugs are leather, fabric, and synthetic sofas.

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Choose the right rug size for the living room area

No matter how you use the carpet as a beautiful living room decoration, “harmony” remains the most crucial principle you must ensure.

Living room Rug

If the rug is oversized, you should arrange the carpet on a large area of ​​the floor or sofa. If the rug is small, the area covered should also be small.

However, it doesn’t stop there; if you want a unique living room decoration, you must also pay attention to your surroundings.

In addition to creating harmony between the sofa, the room’s area, and the carpet’s size, you also need to make sure your carpet or rug is balanced with the furniture and other interior decorations in the living room.

Balance here is about balanced sizes, and layout areas should be balanced, leaving enough space between them to move around.

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Where to buy a beautiful living room rug?

Today, the living room furniture market is very diverse. You can choose the carpet you like in well-known interior and exterior showrooms. If you don’t have time to buy in-store, online ordering can be an option.

Beautiful rugs

Sometimes just one sofa with a beautiful sofa rug placed next to the window is enough to make your living room much more aesthetic.

In stores specializing in beautiful interior decoration, you can find many styles and textures of sofa rugs.

That’s why, in addition to sofa rugs, sofa rugs are one of the most popular ways to decorate the living room. Carpets are trendy in decorating apartment living rooms.

As you can see, interior design experts consider carpets to be versatile interior decorations and trending living room decor for a reason.

In the room, you can use the carpet in 2 different ways: spread it under the sofa and cover it.

Apart from decorating beautiful living rooms, people also use carpets to decorate many other spaces, such as bathrooms and dining rooms… in very creative ways.

The best living room rug models on the market today

A tip to save money when shopping for furniture and living room furniture is to consider the items you need before going to the “buy” step. Here we suggest you some beautiful living room rugs for your reference:

Gray Rugs for living rooms

In addition to the models above, many other beautiful carpet models are being promoted.

Finally, we hope you have a more beautiful way to decorate your living room.

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