Rugs for Bedroom: Tips and Ideas

Decorating your bedroom, a place of privacy and relaxation, and your comfort in the family is crucial and must be done. Using bedroom rugs or wall hangings is a trendy decorating style today.

You can see the information below to get a sophisticated and comfortable carpet style but still in harmony with the space.


What is a bedroom rug?


The bedroom is the most comfortable room for every occupant of the house—a space where everyone can rest comfortably from all activities and busyness throughout the day.

Given its function as a room to unwind comfortably, often, residents of the house try to make the bedroom as comfortable as possible. One is choosing a flooring material that provides comfort, tranquility, and warmth.

Usually, many people use parquet or wooden floors; in addition to providing beauty to the room, the use of parquet can also give warmth to the bedroom. However, with the price being relatively high, few finally chose to use the rug as a decoration to coat the floor in the bedroom.

Like parquet, the rug also serves to warm the room and provide aesthetic value in the bedroom.
In addition, there are many more advantages of using carpet in your bedroom.

Choosing a bedroom floor rug based on the material

Material is one of the essential factors that homeowners need to consider when choosing a carpet.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of floor mats emerging from the following materials:

Synthetic fiber bedroom rugs

Synthetic fiber bedroom rugs

Synthetic fibers, also known as polypropylene fibers – are polymer-based fibers, the product of the polymerization of propylene.

This fiber has the outstanding characteristics of being extremely durable, difficult to tear and highly elastic.

In addition, synthetic fibers also have excellent gloss and color fastness, high-temperature resistance and water resistance.

Due to the above advantages and low cost, synthetic fibers are often widely used in the carpet industry, especially in bedroom rugs.

Carpets made from synthetic fibers are often designed in a variety of colors, are durable, and are suitable for many spaces.

Polyester fiber room rugs

Polyester fiber room rugs

Polyester yarn is also included in synthetic fibers commonly used today. However, these fibers mainly contain ethylene (derived from petroleum).

With the unique structure of petroleum, polyester fiber has many advantages, such as excellent resistance to dirt and mildew. These fiber bedroom floor mats are also highly regarded for their aesthetics and long service life.

Wool rug for bedroom floor

Wool rug for bedroom floor

Wool floor mats are one of the most popular and classy bedroom rugs.

Wool floor mats bring together all the best qualities to create a product of high durability, softness and flexibility that brings comfort to the user.

High-grade wool yarn is often used in hand-woven or semi-handmade wool rug products, presenting a subtle and impressive beauty.

Currently, these products are widely used in luxury spaces such as 4-5 star hotels, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Choose a bedroom floor rug by size

The size of the bedroom always directly determines the shape and size of the carpet. There are many types of floor mats on the market today. Every area of ​​the bedroom will suit every aesthetic style.

We can easily find square, rectangular and round carpets, even oval or triangular… Depending on the size of the room, homeowners can choose each carpet size for the most suitable size.

For a bedroom with a small area, homeowners should use a carpet at the base of the wall with a rectangular, roll, or large format design. They will help bring comfort, harmony, and balance into the room.

Conversely, if the bedroom has a large area, you should choose a round or oval-shaped carpet in the middle of the room to create an accent and impression.

Also, read about the rug guide for the living rooms and other spaces.

Choose a bedroom rug based on color and pattern

To create balance and aesthetics in the entire bedroom space, homeowners also need to pay attention to the color of the furniture around the room, the color of the paint, or the wallpaper.

You also need to consider the combination of color and light in the room space to match your personality and create a sense of comfort.

For the bedroom of a middle-aged or elderly couple, you should choose a carpet made of wool or fiber, not a bedroom floor carpet, to minimize respiratory diseases and allergies.

At the same time, the color and texture need not be picky and colorful, but should be subtle and peaceful.

As for the children’s bedroom space, parents should choose a bright-colored bedroom carpet motif. Carpets with bright colors and cute shapes will stimulate a child’s imagination.

Feather rug pattern on the bedroom floor


Bedroom rug with fluffy floor

Bedroom rug with fluffy floor

A fluffy rug is a right choice if you intend to find a bedroom rug to beautify the room.

Although this is a fleece rug, it can be used for all four seasons. This will help overcome concerns when customers think that if they use carpet, it will be hot again in the summer.

Shaggy rugs can do this because the ideal thickness combined with the ability to retain heat, good heat dissipation, and structure make for a practical function.

Other benefits of using a ruffle bedroom rug are as follows:

  • Smoothness: thanks to the feature of thousands of floating fabric fibers, the ruffled rug is highly smooth. They will feel comfortable and soft when you use them.
  • Suitable for many spaces: from simple or sophisticated, classic or modern styles, they are used with floor mats for bedrooms with efficient decorative uses. Carpets are very varied, suitable for the characteristics of space, comfortable beauty, and luxury.

Bedroom rug with short feathers

Bedroom rug with short feathers

Bedroom rugs with short feathers are a famous and trendy rug pattern. This type of carpet has a structure similar to a carpet with long hair.

Therefore, short-fur rugs are used for both summer and winter. In addition, short-haired bedroom rugs help users to overcome the problem of carpet falling out when used.

This bedroom rug pattern is loved by many homeowners and brings satisfaction to them.

Short hair rugs have many advantages to mention such as:

Keep warm: most fur rug models have excellent heating and heat-resisting effects, and short-fur rugs are no exception.

Various models: thanks to the creativity of architects and designers, short-haired bedroom rugs with many designs, designs, colors, and sizes occupy the trust of many people. Small or large spaces, classic or modern, can see the presence of this rug.

Decoration: in addition to keeping the heat and warmth, the short fluffy rug is a beautiful and luxurious decoration for the bedroom space. Help you relax. In addition, this rug is easy to combine furniture around the bed, wardrobe, dressing table, and reading table harmoniously.

Bedroom rug from flannel

Bedroom rug from flannel

Felt (non-woven) is a fabric made directly from fibers that are felt or pressed into a sheet of cloth. Usually, felt is used for flannel, applications for chamois etc.

Since ancient times, felt has always been considered the best heat-resistant material. Therefore, bedroom rugs and clothes that feel very popular are suitable for winter.

In addition to maintaining warmth and heat, felt bedroom rugs have the following advantages:

Safety: the mat has a matte surface, thus increasing friction and anti-slip during use, bringing safety to users, especially children.

Elegant beauty: although it does not make the room proud and beautiful. The felt pattern of the bedroom rug helps the space to be refined and modern.

Easy cleaning: With a felt carpet, cleaning is completely completed with a very smooth surface, and cleaning the felt carpet is also very simple. Therefore, even with families with pets, this advantage is more appreciated.

Wall-mounted bedroom rugs

Wall-mounted bedroom rugs

Wall decoration is a modern trend with various styles and designs. Some of the most popular carpet patterns today are as follows:

Playful bedroom wall rugs: If you want a simple bedroom to be more refined and lively thanks to bedroom rugs, choose a modern patterned one.

Modern bedroom with wall-mounted bedroom rug: The carpet can be completely attached to the wall, which is convenient and quickly helps you solve problems. This size is for a modern-style bedroom, for kids do not hit the wall hard.

Bedroom wall rugs in sync with floor mats: Synchronization comes from colors and materials. Wall rugs and furniture in the room combine well to create a tone – sur – tone that is dominant in the design. Moreover, coordination is the pinnacle of space, creating unexpected sophistication.

Wall rugs are like pictures of nature; very clearly: you are a person who loves nature but does not know how to bring nature into the home, and bedroom rugs that bring natural colors and textures are suitable for decoration. Shades of orange, yellow, red, blue, green, leaf, twig, and flower motifs bring the room to life.

The above is an introduction and information about a unique and exciting bedroom rug. Hopefully, this article gives you a better orientation and ideas for having a great room.

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