10 Pictures and Concepts of a Kitchen Cabinet that Can Be Used as Home Decor Ideas

Having a beautiful kitchen design is a dream for most homeowners. One way to make this happen is to use a kitchen cabinet as a complement.

Examples of kitchen cabinet designs on the internet are many kinds and can be adjusted to the wishes of the owners.

The use of kitchen cabinets in addition to storing goods kitchen equipment, can also add a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen of the homeowner.

No wonder many modern people are interested in choosing various cabinet designs. Here are some types of kitchen cabinet designs that can be selected:

10 Pictures and Concepts of a Kitchen Cabinet that Can Be Used as Home Decor Ideas

1. Side Open Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Side Open Kitchen Cabinet Designs
Source: lowes

Cabinet design with the use of side doors like this is already widely used in many homes.

One reason for using the side door cabinet is that it makes it easy for owners to open and close when searching for equipment or items inside.

Cabinets with side opening designs can also be found in various furniture stores.

Besides being available in various colors, this cabinet can also be designed according to the desires of the kitchen owner (custom).

Although this design has been widely used, still this side opening design has always been a popular trend and made an option for activists in the kitchen.

2. Kitchen Cabinet Design With Blackboard

Kitchen Cabinet Design With Blackboard
Source: thespruce

Many homeowners do not know the uniqueness of this backsplash design. The idea of ​​backsplash is usually used to protect the kitchen wall from various impurities.

The use of backsplash can be of various materials, one of which is a blackboard or blackboard.

Replacing the kitchen cabinet door with a blackboard, of course, is a unique idea that adds to the kitchen features of homeowners.

In addition, for those owners who often forget about food recipes can record all their needs on this blackboard. Includes other new menu ideas.

3. Kitchen Cabinet Magnet Door Design

Source: Magnet

This one cabinet design began to be known and used by various groups of homeowners.

In fact, the design of the kitchen cabinet with magnetic door can add an elegant impression in using it.

Door handles that are normally used in ordinary cabinets are no longer needed with the support of this magnetic door.

In addition to an elegant impression, this kitchen cabinet with magnetic doors can add a fresh and natural feel.

Additional strengths, homeowners do not need to feel afraid to stumble or knock the door handle again.

This cabinet with the magnetic door can indeed be an attractive choice to be placed in the kitchen.

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4. Top Door Cabinet Design

One example of another interesting kitchen cabinet design is a design with a top opening door.

For kitchen owners with a minimalist design, this cabinet with a top opening door might be an option.

This one cabinet is ideally placed on the upper kitchen wall.

The use of a cabinet with a top door design will help add a broad impression to the kitchen.

When you want to use this type of cabinet design, don’t forget to leave a wall when making it.

This is useful to avoid colliding cabinet doors with kitchen walls.

5. Sliding Door Cabinet Design

In addition to the top door cabinet, examples of kitchen cabinet designs with sliding doors can also be an option for a minimalist kitchen.

Cabinets with sliding doors will certainly be able to save a lot of space in the kitchen.

One way is to unite the cabinet with the wall in the dishwashing area.

This will make it easier to store dishes and other kitchen utensils as well, and it won’t look like it takes up a lot of space.

This one kitchen cabinet can also be formed with several levels. This will make it easier for kitchen owners to organize various items in the kitchen.

6. Cabinet Design with Glass Doors

by Jones Design Build
Source: decoist

For kitchen owners who sometimes forget where to put cooking utensils as well as others, this glass door design is the right choice.

Using transparent glass, the owner can immediately find out the location of goods easily.

This can also save time because the kitchen owner doesn’t need to open one by one the cabinet door again.

The elegant impression of the kitchen can also be obtained by using this glass door. One option that can be combined with this glass door cabinet is wood material.

In addition, stainless steel material can also be an attractive choice to be integrated with this kitchen cabinet.

7. Kitchen Cabinet Design Corner

Kitchen Cabinet Design Corner
Sonya Etchison
Source: hgtv

An example of a kitchen cabinet design that can be used for a minimalist kitchen. The L-shaped cabinet design, will not take up much space and also looks simple.

Cooking activities will also become more comfortable with the presence of this corner cabinet. The corner cabinet design is already often used for homeowners.

Not only those who have a minimalist kitchen that uses this design.

The fact that the owner of a large kitchen has also chosen to install a corner cabinet just to add a beautiful and elegant impression to his kitchen.

This corner cabinet can be made from a variety of materials. One of them is wood.

8. Multifunctional Kitchen Cabinet Design

For kitchen owners who want to use the kitchen as much as possible, can use the example of this one kitchen cabinet design.

Often, there is leftover space in the abandoned kitchen corner. Kitchen owners can now take advantage of this room by using this multifunctional cabinet.

In addition to additional storage, this cabinet design can also create a unique atmosphere in the kitchen.

This cabinet can not only be used to store kitchen utensils, but also various other items. For example, various kinds of wooden keys and equipment.

9. Kitchen Cabinet Design without Doors or Floating

This cabinet design is used as a choice for homeowners because of its various advantages.

Using an open cabinet like this will display the impression of relief in a small kitchen. The kitchen owner also does not need to bother to open the cabinet because it is located in an open space.

Also, add special space to hang cooking equipment such as pans and spatulas to make it easier to find.

For a more attractive design, kitchen owners can paint the cabinet according to the desired color.

Adding colorful kitchen utensils and ornamental plants can also be a choice for a more cheerful atmosphere.

10. Multi Level Kitchen Cabinet Design

For kitchen owners who like to cook and also have quite a lot of kitchen equipment, now no need to be confused at times.

The multilevel kitchen cabinet design will help to make it easier for the owner to store his belongings.

For this cabinet design, the owner can combine the use of different materials at each level.

For example, using wood materials on the first level, then combined with the use of glass door or sliding glass doors on the second level. This will give a unique impression on the kitchen.

The kitchen owner can also add ornamental plants under the cabinet for a cooler kitchen impression.

These are some examples of kitchen cabinet designs that can be selected by homeowners to decorate their kitchens.

Designing kitchen interiors are fun but don’t forget to adjust to your budget and needs. Hopefully, this information is useful for those who need it!

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