10 Pictures and Concept of Green House in the Middle of the City

For those of you who live in the middle of the city surely miss the cold and fresh air.

Breathing the air like that feels like it makes the body and mind feel comfortable.

But unfortunately, the density of urban areas makes green land seem to be getting scarce.

Maybe for some people who live in urban areas, it is getting difficult to get fresh air, especially when people start their activities.

If you want to get a fresh atmosphere of the morning air, you have to leave the house in the early morning when not many people go for the activity.

Thankful for those of you who own your own home, because you can design a part of the house to be a private garden.

Check out the concepts and examples of green home design in this article as a reference for home renovations.

For those of you who don’t have large tracts of land, don’t be discouraged.

The concept and example of the greenhouse design below do not require large tracts of land or large houses.

Even with a minimalist concept, the references below can be realized.

It might indeed require a little adjustment to have a cool and fresh house in the middle of the city.

10 Pictures and Concept of Green House in the Middle of the City

Before dismantling the interior or fiddling with other parts of the house, determine the concepts and designs that will be applied.

This will make house renovation more planned, systematic, effective, and provide satisfying results.

If you already have a concept and description of a greenhouse design that will be copied, immediately do the preparations.

But if you’re still confused, maybe some of the images below can be inspiring:

1. Mini Garden Corner Room

Garden Mini Corner Room
Source: sanvuonxanh

If there is an empty corner at home, for example, at the bottom of the stairs, it can be used to be a mini-park.

This park can give shades of green and beautiful inside the house.

Limit the garden space with stones. Design in such a way that the soil or plants do not pollute other floor areas.

Arrange the plants and grass in a minimalist way to keep it looking neat.

Make use of walls to arrange plants vertically.

Use rocks as decoration additives.

For other variations, mini fish ponds can be made. Do not forget to give lights, both on the floor or in the middle of the park.

This is done so that the park does not seem dark and stays fresh.

2. Children Play Corner

For those who have children, it’s necessary to have a play corner.

Yes, a play corner for children is needed so that they are free to do anything there without making other areas of the house a mess.

The design of the section is so that it looks beautiful with a variety of plants, both live and synthetic plants.

The concept and design image of the greenhouse above illustrates that a corner can also function as a children’s playground.

Arrange plants in pots so that children are free to play on the grass without damaging the plants.

It is recommended to use thick grass so that they remain clean and not dirty with soil.

As an additional decoration, arrange the rocks in such a way as to make them look beautiful.

Be as free as you want so that the park remains pleasing to the eye, and children are free to play around.

3. Minimalist Green Kitchen

Not many people pay attention to the concept of the kitchen because some consider this room is not the main part.

But after all, the kitchen remains part of the house whose interior must be considered.

If the kitchen area is not so wide, unite it with the dining room to make it look more minimalist.

Give the entire cabinet with a plain green color to give the impression of a garden.

It can be added with several pots of living flowers to make it look natural.

4. The concept of Green White Combination

Greenhouses do not always have to be dominated by the color green.

For those who want to have a greenhouse, but there are other touches, just mix green with white.

It will definitely give a broad, fresh, and bright impression.

The concept and example of a greenhouse design can be applied to the living room or family.

Choose accessories that also have a combination of green and white, for example, for paintings, pillowcases, cabinets, and so on.

5. Mini Kitchen and Dining Room

Source: decorpad

For the example of this kitchen, the area is smaller than the previous model.

Also, this design is suitable for those who want to dominate the green color.

Not only the walls were given a touch of green, but also the kitchen table set using green.

It’s just for a little variation, choose one color as a companion.

For example, the dining table is left dark, but the chairs are blue.

Then place the cabinet with a green color.

6. Green Back Porch

Green Back Porch
Source: cepontzsons

If there is a little land behind the house, don’t cover it with a roof.

Leave the top open for fresh airflow.

Meanwhile, design the interior with shades of green to make it look like a garden.

In addition to the furniture, look at the concepts and examples of greenhouse designs in the picture above.

The green color is strengthened by the expanse of grass and fish ponds.

The homeowner also added some herbs in a pot.

It doesn’t have to be much, but make sure this complement reinforces the green and beautiful impression of the area.

7. 3D concept

3D concept
Source: home

The concept and example of greenhouse design do not have to always nuanced plants.

The example in the image above shows that green can be applied to 3D designs.

This is unique when applied in the living room or workspace.

Decorate one wall with a 3D theme so the room will seem different.

The green impression shown is not beautiful but more elegant, exclusive, and professional.

In order to be beautiful, add the living plants in pots around the room.

8. 3D Green Shades Bedroom

3D Green Wallpaper Bedroom
Source: arepasla23

Just like the previous example, the room design in this example uses 3D wallpaper.

It turns out that the impression of 3D is suitable for space.

Precisely with this 3D style wallpaper, it feels like really sleeping in the open.

One of the walls is decorated with nuanced wallpaper of plants in the middle of the forest.

Not to mention, the light from the lights reinforces the impression that you are in the middle of a tropical forest.

To choose wallpaper in the room is rather tricky.

Don’t choose the wrong design because it might cause discomfort.

The room is the room where someone is resting, so choose designs that make people feel at home to linger in it.

9. Minimalist Green Children’s Room

For parents or children who like green, can follow the concepts and design drawings of this greenhouse.

In terms of the accessories used, it is quite simple, and there is not much furniture around it.

In this picture, the green color was applied on the wall, the bed furniture, the chair and other furniture.

Everything that is green does not require expensive fees to apply.

As a variation, put some decoration on the wall, so it doesn’t seem plain.

Also, choose sheets with cute motifs so that your child’s room looks cheerful and pleasant.

10. Girly Green Room

Source: hgtv

Green is rarely associated with the concept of girly.

Often pink or pink is used for women’s rooms.

But that does not mean green can not give the impression of a feminine.

Combine green with several women’s colors and patterns, for example, red flowers, colorful butterfly patterns, and so on.

Give also a touch of women’s colors, like yellow, so that the feminine impression arises.

Balance the color portion design so that the room doesn’t seem too crowded.

Does the concept and example of the greenhouse design above inspire?

Maybe it can’t be followed by one hundred percent.

It is natural, because of differences in conditions.

But that does not mean the core of the design can not be applied.

Try looking around the room again, which can be adjusted to be similar to the concepts and examples were chosen. Happy creation!

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