Unique Modern and Traditional Cabin Design for Sanctuary

A house among the trees with timber all around is what you will get when imagining the cabin, but a modern cabin does not have to be like that.

It is true that the cabin is still a place surrounded by trees and usually is used for a getaway house, but now it has a more modern ambience.

This is a place where you can relax, enjoy nature and of course get away from hectic daily life.


Difference between Traditional Cabin and Modern Cabin

A traditional cabin usually looks shabby, unkempt, with a gabled roof, log walls, and a stone fireplace. But you will not see that in modern cabin design.

It is true that most cabins still hold wood as the main element for the cabin but not it comes with a smoother and finer design.

The most significant change of the cabin is the flat roof type and the neat exterior. You can see that the wooden board exterior walls are formed with a sleek and smooth design like in these photos.

Not only does the use of wood material, but the modern cabin also uses big glass windows as the cabin opener, mostly to bring the outside scenery inside the cabin.

Furniture and decoration also hold a big part to differentiate the traditional cabin from the modern one.

Traditional cabins are often also used as hunting havens, and you can find many preserving animals hanging or placed on the table or even scatter around as standing statues; you will not see that kind of thing in a modern cabin.

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Must-Have Thing on Modern Cabin

Modern cabin furniture is mostly dominated by a simple and sleek kitchen, plushy modern sofa, elegant dining room, beautiful pendant lamps, and a modern fireplace.

The point of having this modern cabin is that you can soothe around and feel the rustic ambience with modern lavish and, at the same time, feel the fresh air from the surrounding.

You can see more beautiful modern cabin design in these photos below:

modern cabin for sanctuary
Traditional Cabin | Source: Pinterest

modern cabin for sanctuary
Pact woodsy cabin | Source: One Kindesign

modern cabin for sanctuary
Traditional Cabin vacations | Source: Veranda

modern cabin for sanctuary
Modern home Morningside piedmont park midtown | Source: Urbanize LA

modern cabin for sanctuary

Modern Cottage

Luxury cabins for winter

modern cabin for sanctuary
Tiny house a backyard sanctuary in Missouri | Source: Trendir

modern cabin for sanctuary
Modern mountain cabin Yeso in japan | Source: Designerzcentral

modern cabin for sanctuary
Urban cabin by suyama peterson deguchi | Source : Decoholic

modern cabin for sanctuary
Source: Pinterest

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