10 Minimalist Home Windows Design Recommendations

As one part of the house, the window does not only hold an essential function for lighting.

Windows also affect the artistic appearance of the room as well as the appearance of the house from the outside.

The uniqueness of the window design can give a distinctive impression.

Is the house a classic, modern minimalist type, or something else.

In this article, some concepts and examples of window designs for minimalist homes will be shown.

The minimalist house has the characteristics of simple design and size of the home that is not so big.

That way, the window design must display the maximum impression so that the house looks unusual.

The concept and picture of the window design below are intended for a minimalist home.

But this concept is also commonly applied to luxury home designs.

It’s just that it takes a little adjustment in terms of size and more.

Minimalist Home Windows Design Recommendations

Having a minimalist home is indeed rather tricky. This is because the size is not so big.

Houses that apply a minimalist concept do not display a lot of decorations and accessories.

The point is a house like this looks more simple and simple.

For clarity, consider the following window design concepts and drawings as a source of inspiration:

1. Concept Windows Corner Rooms

Source: carlson

Installing a window in the middle of the wall seems familiar.

If you want something different, try installing windows in the corners of the room.

At right angles to the wall can be mounted as long as the design is suitable and placed for the right view as well.

The application of this concept is suitable for homes with high roofs.

This is because such a house must have a higher wall than usual.

The concept of a window in the corner of the room is also suitable to be placed on the wall in the middle of the stairs.

This can be a variation when people climb the stairs and look out at the scenery.

Windows with this concept are not recommended to be designed with a lot of ornaments because it will look so crowded in the corner of the room.

2. Asymmetrical Windows

Asymmetrical Windows
Source: nytimes

Another unique thing that can be done is to apply an asymmetrical window.

This model window sometimes unites the function of the door and window.

Both are combined in one frame so that it can be opened as a window or door.

The shape of the frame is not square as usual.

This is why it is called an asymmetrical window. The concept and example of this window design can be for a minimalist classic home.

3. Bifold Windows Design

If you want the house to look spacious and open, install a window with a bi-fold design.

This type of window looks simple and can provide a wide view.

Bifold window design does not require a lot of space because it can be folded.

So this window design is suitable for a wide view on a minimalist home.

Usually, people place bi-fold design windows in the kitchen or bedroom.

If placed in a room, the window size is usually larger than that installed in the kitchen.

4. Roof Windows Design

Source: whyskylights

Roof windows can be applied by changing the ceiling of the house with glass.

Replace the roof with a window; it will provide natural lighting.

Sunlight can enter through the glass and illuminate the room. This concept is suitable for the room on the top floor.

At night anyone who is there can enjoy the view of the stars through the window.

Generally, the glass used is quite thick, and some people add trellises for safety.

5. Double Hung type

Source: hgtv

Concepts and examples of window design like this are often found in classic homes or estates.

But along with the times, the double-hung window type is suitable also applied to minimalist homes.

What’s more, this window has a dual function.

In addition to lighting sources, double-hung windows can be a source of airflow.

Staying shifted up or down, then the air can flow in through the window.

This hung has a single, too, named after hung.

The single-hung window is suitable for walls that are not so wide.

The hung window type allows the homeowner to open and close the window by merely sliding up and down.

6. Transom Windows


Source: butlerreview

If you want a house window to look brighter and stylish, try the Transom window design concept.

By using the transom window type, home windows have variations but are not too crowded.

Also, this variation also provides additional functions as a source of lighting.

The transom is at the top of the main window. The size is not large because it’s just decoration.

The form of transportation that is chosen can be adjusted to the wishes.

The shape does not have to be always square, can be half-circle, triangle, and so on.

But for a minimalist home, people usually choose the shape of a square or half circle.

7. Window with Shelf

As mentioned before that having a minimalist home is a bit tricky.

To save space utilization, you can look at the window with shelves, as shown.

This rack can be used to store flower pots as decoration or a place to put a picture frame.

It would be better if the window is facing a view that makes the eye comfortable.

The concept of shelf window design is generally implemented in the living room or family room.

Even so, there are also some people who implement it in the kitchen, but if you don’t choose the right design, it will look less fitting.

8. Casement Window

Source: alcop

A casement window is shaped like a door, but it is applied to the window.

Some casement windows are equipped with transom as decoration.

The transom above is rectangular because it adjusts to the casement window.

The frame that people often choose also uses white.

Therefore, the use of casement windows is suitable for minimalist homes.

The hinges on the edge of the casement window allow the homeowner to open the window wide.

So that free air can enter the house, the casement window fits perfectly in the living room or near the back porch.

9. Awning Windows

Source: plygem

Concepts and examples of window awning design models are indeed rare in Indonesia.

Because indeed, the installation of the awning window is usually for a basement room.

In addition to the basement, the awning window is suitable for rooms that do not have enough room to open the window.

This model window is usually joined in one frame with a stationary window that cannot be opened.

10. Minimalist Classical Model Windows

Having a minimalist home does not mean that it cannot be designed classically.

The simplest classic model is to add canopy accents at the top of the window.

It doesn’t have to be too big if you want to maintain a simple impression.

Don’t forget to choose a color that matches the window frame.

If you want to look different, you can choose a contrasting color, for example, black combined with white.

The type of window selected can be adjusted to the room. But the concept and example of this window design are usually placed for space.

The canopy design is also useful for holding a little sun when it starts midday.

Are you still confused about choosing the right window model for a minimalist home?

Try to look again at the concepts and examples of minimalist home window designs above.

Remember, the minimalist house must be unique so that it looks different and not monotonous.

One of them is by applying the window design concept that suits the conditions of your home.

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