10 Minimalist Concept Home Office and Desk Decoration Ideas

Remote working is now a trend in society.

People no longer have to come to work and spend all day there.

For some companies, this work pattern is believed to be more productive because of several influencing factors such as remote office locations, traffic jams, or cost savings.

For some people, working outside the office can be more productive. One workplace that can be favorite is home.

If you have a house with limited land, you don’t need to worry.

In this article, there are several examples of efficient workspace design concepts at home that can be an inspiration.

Maximizing existing space is the principle of home renovation with limited space.

Besides, avoiding the laying down of many items also needs attention.

Choose objects that provide maximum functionality and benefits.

Don’t forget to choose colors that suit your mood.

In a limited land house, be careful in combining colors because if it is not suitable, it will make the occupants uncomfortable.

To be clearer, it can emulate the concept of a home workspace design below.

10 Minimalist Concept Home Office and Desk Decoration Ideas

Other things have to be done before doing renovations.

We need to pay attention to the shape of the room and furniture that is currently owned if you need to add additional furniture that does not exist to maximize the function of the room.

The whole concept of workspace design at home below is easy to implement.

It’s just that not all houses have the same room structure.

You can choose one or combine several concepts after that, make a few adjustments so that the results resemble.

In the interior design of a private home, nothing is standard, everything is adjusted to your taste as a homeowner, while still paying attention to the comfort and harmony of you and other family members in daily activities.

Check out some of the following inspirations:

Maximizing Space in Front of Room

Source: lynk

If there is a little space in front of the room, it can be transformed into a simple workspace.

The workspace does not have to be sealed so that it becomes a closed workspace.

A corner that is specifically designated for the place of work can be said to be a workspace.

Put the shelf or computer desk as a place to work.

For a fresher impression, choose a corner near the window and place one or two potted plants.

Utilizing Space Under the Stairs

Design-work-space-Utilizing Land Under Stairs-2
Source: akamaized

Some houses on narrow land choose to expand it by making it terraced.

Usually, there is space under the stairs that is left empty or for piling up items.

Rather than seeming empty or messy, it’s better to use it for a simple workspace.

Place the work desk with a proportional size, small cupboards, and chairs.

So as not to seem dark, add lights.

You can choose the lamp on the table or the wall.

Blend into the Corner of the Room

The concept of workspace design at home like this can be emulated if there is no more space or land in the house.

The bedroom space can be renovated a bit, so that leaves room for a work desk.

You do this by changing the corner of the mattress or cupboard.

If some shelves or drawers take place, change the layout to a vertical rack.

This can save space usage.

Living Room Corner

Work-Office-Living Room Corner
Source: decoist

Pay attention to the family room of your home at this time.

Estimate whether there is little space to put the desk.

If indeed there is little space left, choose a minimalist work desk and chair design.

It can also place shelves for several work purposes as well as items that were there before.

To make it look more attractive, choose a specific theme, for example, monochrome.

Utilizing the Remaining Space or Narrow Space

Source: homedit

A room like this is always there in almost every house.

Unfortunately, not everyone can use it well.

Sometimes a place to pile up unused objects, corners where children play toys, and so on.

If the workspace is needed, design the narrow space in your home into a workspace.

It is luckily if one side can be placed as a window source of light.

The narrow room will seem more spacious and fresh.

Outdoor corner on the back patio

Source: lynk

The back patio can also be one of the inspirations at work at home.

The concept of workspace design at home that is connected directly to the back garden is unique.

People rarely think of turning their backyards into workspaces.

So that the theme is similar, apply the theme “nature” in the room.

Do not choose a desk and chair in general because the angle will not look attractive.

Choose furniture from wood and combine it with natural themed decorations (for example, wallpaper, paintings on the wall, or decorative lights).

Not Placing Lots of Goods

Source: ajennison

This concept can be done anytime and in any room model.

In the workspace image above, it can be seen that the design of the workspace only requires a simple desk and chair.

The selection of furniture and all items there according to its function.

Vertical shelves are also placed only in the form of boards attached to the wall.

To make it enjoyable, arrange the boards with a specific pattern.

So people who see will feel an artistic element in this corner of the workspace.

Creating Themed Special Corner

The concept of workspace design at home like this is almost similar to the previous examples.

But what makes it look more attractive is the touch made by the owner of the house.

Specific themes are applied and full of inspiration.

This can be done by posting several photos or quotes that provide motivation.

You can paint one of the walls with a favorite color to encourage more work.

If you want to combine with paint in another room, try to choose a matching color, even if the selected color contrast is still pleasing to the eye.

Small Space in the Attic

A minimalist concept house or a narrow area does not mean it is impossible to have an attic.

There is an attic at the very top of the house if it is stratified.

Before being used as a workspace, it might have been used as a warehouse or something else.

If the house has an attic room, then change it into a workspace.

Instead of being a place that accumulates dust and becomes a den of animals, like rats, it is better utilized as a productive room.

Give the window or glass as a lighting source.

Do not place a lot of goods because it will make it look crowded.

Make it More Attractive with Wallpaper

Source: metrie

The use of wallpaper can change the room to be more attractive.

This also applies to workspaces. The workspace does not have to be formal or full of books.

Create a pleasant workspace with a choice of wallpapers according to taste.

The concept of workspace design at home using wallpaper can be harmonized with the selection of furniture, computers, to the trinkets that are there.

The more attractive this room is, the more inspiring and passionate it will become at work.

In renovating the room, not only design is preferred.

Three essential things in designing a room in a home are lighting, air circulation, and furniture layout. Besides, it is also necessary to pay attention to the ergonomic function of its inhabitants to move freely.

After that, the rest choose the color (actually indirectly related to lighting), accessories, and others.

Hopefully, the concept of home workspace design above can be an inspiration when renovating your home space.

All designs can be adjusted to the theme and condition of your home at this time.

One again, do not need something expensive and branded to create a room that can provide comfort for the occupants.

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