10 Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas Plus Tips

In designing a bathroom, you need to pay special attention to the functions and concepts in order to meet your comfort and needs.

This is because even though only a small part of a house but the function of the bathroom is very important and irreplaceable.

The bathroom design concepts and drawings that I show are important to learn before deciding to make a bathroom that works optimally.

How can a bathroom Give you a Sense of Comfort and Maximum Functioning?

When planning to design a bathroom at home, you should need to know in advance the characteristics of the bathroom you need and can cause a sense of comfort for its users.

That way, you can imagine what kind of bathroom design that is suitable to be implemented in your home.

Here are some of the characteristics of a minimalist bathroom but still stylish and functioning optimally that can be implemented in your home:

  • There is a unity of color. Unity of color for the bathroom will give the impression of luxury and clean, so this also needs attention.
  • Fragrance. Keep the aroma of the bathroom to stay fragrant, provide perfume, and adequate circulation in the bathroom so that the fragrance is maintained.
  • Proper wall decoration. Giving wall decorations in the bathroom is important to sweeten the bathroom.
    But improper wall decoration will only make the bathroom feel uncomfortable.
  • There is storage. Apart from being a place to clean themselves, the bathroom should have a function as a place to store body cleaning items such as towels, soap, shavers, and so forth.
    In making bathroom decor, it is very necessary to pay attention to these things.
  • Stay well-maintained. A good bathroom is a well-maintained bathroom, therefore prepare a bathroom maintenance tool in the bathroom.

After seeing the bathroom features that can cause a sense of comfort above, have you imagined the design and concept of the bathroom as what you want to make?

If you haven’t imagined it, then you should follow the various bathroom design concepts and drawings, which will be explained below.

10 Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas Plus Tips

There are Lots of bathroom design concepts and drawings that can be used as a reference for building a bathroom at home.

For more details, just refer to the various concepts and designs below as inspiration:

Geometric Theme Bathroom Design

The concept and example of the first bathroom design are very masculine. This can be seen from the design that uses monochrome colors that tend to be dark.

This bathroom decoration also uses a unique theme that is geometric shapes on the walls and floors.

This bathroom consists of a shower next to it; in addition to that, there is also a storage area for soap and other equipment.

Although the space is broad, it is quite comfortable if used for daily bodily hygiene purposes.

Unique Bathroom Design

Unique Bathroom Design
Source: instagram

The bathroom design is quite unique. In an era that is as modern as today, certainly rarely uses this design.

There you can see the bathroom using a squat closet complete with a barrel-shaped water reservoir.

The walls and floor are chosen matching colors that give a more luxurious and clean impression.

The bathroom is also equipped with plants that give a fresh atmosphere to this unique bathroom.

Usually, this bathroom is still used by some residents in Asia.

Monochromatic Bathroom Design

Monochromatic Bathroom Design
Source: instagram

The concept and design drawings for this bathroom are very clear, monochromatic.

When viewed from its parts, the bathroom is complete to meet the ideal bathroom criteria.

Starting from the storage function, the colors of the walls and floor are similar and look so clean and well-maintained.

The uniqueness of this bathroom lies in the design of the ceiling that is made like the sky, complete with clouds and stars.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

For those who have less space for a bathroom, you can use the concept and design examples of this bathroom at home.

This bathroom is made minimalist but still separates the dry and wet areas in it.

Dry areas such as toilets and storage areas are located near the bathroom door.

For wet areas placed in a glass room containing a shower to wash or clean the body.

Bathroom Design 2 Zone on Limited Land

Separating the bathroom into two zones (wet and dry) with limited land turned out to still be possible.

As in the example above, the bathroom is elongated with a limited width but can be divided into two zones.

The dry zone of the bathroom consisting of a sink and toilet is placed close to the exit.

While the wet zone, which contains a shower for bathing, is placed in the deeper part of the bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Luxury Bathroom Design
Source: hgtv

For a house with a luxury concept and has a fairly wide area of concepts and examples of this bathroom will be appropriate.

In the bathroom, there are baths for bathing; there is also a sink and toilet, which are all located in a dry area.

Then there is a glass seen as a barrier to the wet area containing a shower for cleaning up.

The bathroom with a model like in the picture above requires a large enough space to make it.

Clean and Comfortable Minimalist Bathroom Design

Clean and Comfortable Minimalist Bathroom Design
Source: hgtv

The bathroom design in the picture above has a matching color except for the storage cabinet located under the sink.

The impression that emanated from this bathroom was clean and comfortable.

Although there are not many wall hangings, the composition of the ornaments is so precise that it can give a comfortable impression.

The owner of this bathroom chose to use a bath up to wash the body rather than a shower.

Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom Design

Following this, another minimalist bathroom design but still beautiful to the eye. Even though this bathroom is minimalist divided into two zones.

You can see the bathroom above consists of two wet and dry zones separated by clear glass walls.

What distinguishes the two zones is the selection of ceramics for the walls so as to provide automatic border markings.

This bathroom has a simple design but still provides comfort for its users with a succulent plant ornament on the wall.

Bathroom Design 2 Modern Zone

Bathroom Design 2 Modern Zone
Source: deltafaucet

The following concepts and design examples of bathroom designs appear so modern are shown by the selection of modern bathroom equipment.

The design of the shower, toilet, and others feel so modern in harmony with the color of the walls and floors that display the colors of the stone.

The bathroom above consists of two zones and features a modern design.

Comfortable Minimalist Bathroom Design

Comfortable Minimalist Bathroom Design
Source: instagram

Like the previous design drawings, this one bathroom also features two dry and wet zones.

It is very practical and convenient when separating between dry and wet zones in the bathroom to maintain comfort when doing two different activities.

Thus various bathroom concepts and images can be used as inspiration and reference when you want to change the design of your bathroom.

The more you look directly and read the bathroom concepts and designs, the more design ideas you can apply.

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