Inspirational Hanging Bed Design Ideas

What is crossing your mind when hearing about hanging bed design? Mine is a floating bed. 


Well, that is not entirely wrong since hanging the bed is lifting up the bed from the floor and letting it float away with ropes, steel wire, or even chains. 

Aside from being stylish and unique, it also gives functional meaning to the room.


Beautiful Hanging Bed Design for Children

Like in my cousin’s house, where she has three boys, all are gathered in one grey bedroom. 

The bed frame is made of wood and tied by strong rope to the ceiling but not upwards but diagonally, creating spatial feelings rather than vertically tied up. 

There is also another functional hanging bed design suitable for children’s rooms; look at these photos.

Sophisticated Hanging Bed Design for Adults

The unique hanging bed design is complete in kids’ rooms and in adults or main bedrooms. 

The style also varies depending on the resident style. You can have it in a sophisticated wooden frame bed combined with chains in the modern contemporary bedroom, or you can have it in rustic style with a wooden frame bed tied up in a strong rope hanging from the ceiling. 

Either way, both types of beds are really going to fly you away.

A hanging bed does not always place inside the bedroom. It can also place on the patio, living room, garden, deck or even in the home office. 

Everything has its own style. For example, you can place outdoor hanging beds that are not attached to the ceiling but create some pyramid or have it on the swing bed. 

Where will you place it? What a fantastic hanging bed place you can find it here; look around.

Hanging Bed

Hanging Bed
Hanging beds headboards | Source:Purposeful Design



Hanging Bed
Terrace rope hanging swingceiling | Source:Etsy

Hanging Bed
Vitval loft bed frame with desk top white light gray | Source:IKEA

Hanging Bed
Nester hanging bed frame set |

Hanging Bed
DIY this cool outdoor hanging bed | Source:Studio 5


Photo photoId | Source:Decorpad

Hanging Bed
Tilden loft bed walnut | Source:West Elm

Hanging Bed
Build a hanging bed | Source:Buckhorn Cliffs

Hanging Bed
Source: Target


The hanging bed | Source: Four Oak Bed Swings

Hanging Bed
floating frames 6 hanging bed swinging mattress sets | Source:Dornob

Hanging Bed

Hanging Bed
Swinging day bed slatted|Source:Our Boat House

Hanging Bed
Easy diy hanging daybed|Source:HGTV

Hanging Bed
DIY hanging bed | Source: Homesthetics

Hanging Bed
6 ft deluxe poolside hanging bed stand setml | Source:Dlaguna

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