10 Inspiration and Pictures for Modern Living Rooms Ideas

The living room included in an essential area of ​​a house.

Although its primary function as a gathering place for family members, if designed in such a way, then the living room can have multifunctional.

Some people do this because the land may be limited, or they want to apply the minimalist concept to their home design.

Whatever the reason, the living room can be used as the center of a house.

Get fresh ideas for the renovation of the living room below because I have put together some exciting concepts and examples of living room designs as a reference for decorating your home.

When renovating a house, especially inside, it is necessary to prepare as thoroughly as possible.

The better and detailed the preparation, the more satisfying the results will be.

One of the preparations that need to be done is to determine the concepts and designs that will be applied.

The concepts and examples of the family design below can be inspirational; overall, the theme of the room, or the accessories/furniture that will be placed.

10 Inspiration and Pictures for Modern Living Rooms Ideas

Not all the concepts and examples of living room design below require a total change.

If you understand very well the design of the room, you have today, of course, you can choose which one is right to be implemented in your place. You can also make changes as needed as an adjustment.

For some houses with limited land, don’t force it to be the same.

Be creative with the layout or size of the furniture.

Even color can affect the impression of the room feels broad or narrow.

Simple On The Floor Concept

Simple On The Floor Concept
Source: 2booksdesign

The trick that is quite often done by people so that the room feels relieved is to design the Down Floor Area.

Sometimes a chair or sofa is not needed in a room.

Instead of consuming space, it is better to replace its function with a carpet.

Put a few pillows to add comfort when gathering. If you still want a chair or sofa, place it on the sides of the room, so it doesn’t narrow the stretch area.

Room design like this is also suitable to be applied in the reading room or children’s play area.

Open Space (Side Yard or Back yard)

Open Space (Side Yard or Back yard)
Source: elledecor

The concept and example of a living room design like this are suitable applied to homes that have side or back yard.

Function the remaining land as a mini-park inside the house, then seal it with doors and large glass windows.

This method can be a solution so that the living room feels spacious.

The concept of open view makes moments of family gathering freer.

To make it more beautiful, place a few potted plants in the corners of the room.

Outdoor Concepts

The atmosphere of the outdoor concept is similar to the previous idea.

It’s just that the concept of outdoor presents a sensation of more freedom.

Take advantage of the back porch as a living room by placing a sofa and a small table there.

May also add a few pillows to sit more comfortably.

The interior itself can be free, but generally, people combine it with accessories from wood.

Yellow lights will add to the warmth of the evening and evening gatherings.

Artistic Design for Narrow Space

Source: shutterfly

Having a house with limited land must be creative.

Must know how the tricks so that they do not look narrow, still enjoyable, but always provide the function as it should.

The following concepts and examples of living room design show the creative homeowner in matching and matching the style, color, and furniture chosen.

For houses with narrow land, do not choose tables and chairs with large sizes.

Also, adjust the number of accessories so that the room does not look full.

Pastel Shades Living Room

Source: idealhome

A pastel room gives the sensation of warmth and a friendly atmosphere.

This concept began to become a trend in the market, along with the popularity of these colors in the fashion world.

Things to consider if you want to apply the concept of pastel is not to choose furniture that is too luxurious.

Choose a simple design, while for room decoration, usually the walls are decorated with simple illustrated paintings.

Integrates with the Dining Room and Kitchen

The concept and example of this one living room design can be tried on homes of various sizes.

Bring together the dining room and kitchen with the living room.

But it needs to be careful so that the function does not mix, and the room still looks neat.

The layout design of the living room can be made side by side with the dining room.

If you are worried about falling apart, you can attach a flexible screen to be opened and closed again.

While in the kitchen, make sure not to see a lot of furniture.

Put everything in a drawer and cupboard — that way, the selection of the right kitchen set also needs to be done.

Give a touch in rhythm for all furniture in these three rooms.

Because anyone who sees it will get an overall view of the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Wooden Theme Living Room

Another popular design that many people choose is the wooden theme.

Applying this concept means the living room is dominated by wood or wood accents.

To strengthen the natural impression, some people add a dim yellow light or brown, yellow, salmon, and the like accessories.

If you want to change the floor into the wood, do not need to disassemble the ceramic that has been installed before.

There is vinyl wood flooring, which is the solution if you want to change the nuances of wood floors.

The installation process is easy because all you have to do is stick the vinyl floor sheets together.

If you need installation services, there are many professional vinyl floor installation service providers.

A Touch of Sweet Pink

Source: idealhome

Make the living room sweeter with shades of pink (pink).

The concept and example of a living room design like this are thick with a feminine impression.

But that does not mean only suitable applied to the home of a woman alone.

Combine pink with other colors, like white, light brown, blue, and so on.

Choose furniture that has a general design (not too feminine).

The selection of paintings and accessories can reduce the impression of a feminine, for example, the selection of pillowcases, carpet patterns, and so on.

A touch of pink combined with dominant pastel colors will create a shabby chic atmosphere in the end.

Vertical Garden Walls

Try something different on the wall of the house by installing a vertical garden.

This method can also be done if you want to have a beautiful or green concept in the house.

If you do not want to bother or worry about dirty walls and floors, use synthetic plants, but the choice of living plants is preferred.

Choose synthetic plants of the highest quality so that colors do not fade, plant designs look like real, and are not easily damaged.

Cozy Atmosphere Living Room

Source: lisettevoute

A Living room with bright colors will give a cheerful impression.

This is a concept and example of a cozy and contemporary living room design.

Generally, many people use pads for sitting, small tables, and other simple decorations.

Some other people actually make their own tables and chairs made of wood or boards.

The design of this living room in a layout looks unique and attractive that shows cheerfulness.

Concepts and designs like this are suitable to be set for houses with narrow and wide land.

It is because the owner of the house is free to express and put anything as long as the portion matches the size of the room.

Those are some of the living room concepts that you can make references to redecorate your home.

It is important to create comfort in the living room.

The selection of concepts and examples of the right living room design to be applied will make anyone want to go home quickly.

Don’t forget to combine colors, lighting, and accessories appropriately.

The more detailed design that is applied with a matching combination, the more it will make family members feel at home.

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