10 Ideas and Pictures of Garden Designs to Beautify A House

Almost every house now has a garden in and around the home area. This is of course due to the existence of a home garden, able to make the house look more beautiful and cool.

Green and fresh impressions will also be seen by people who see it. The following is a complete description of the concepts and examples of garden designs that can be recommendations.

Ideas and Examples of Garden Designs to Beautify Houses

Various garden concepts and designs have sprung up in order to beautify the room in and around the house.

The following are some recommended concepts and examples of garden designs that can be applied to the home area.

1. Japanese Garden

Source: homescorner

One of the concepts and examples of garden designs that can be selected to enhance your home area is a Japanese garden.

This concept was adapted from Japan which has a characteristic that is the application of plants made into bonsai with natural elements.

For example, the addition of sand, wood, to rocks that dominate the concept of this garden.

In addition, water ponds are also key to the design of this Japanese-style garden concept.

In the picture above, it can be seen that the garden surrounds a little pond which makes the park feel more beautiful and peaceful.

This concept can be applied to a minimalist home because it will further beautify the house and provide a fresher atmosphere.

2. Mediterranean Garden

Source: wearefound

Not only Japanese gardens, but Mediterranean gardens are also very suitable when applied to minimalist home designs.

Usually, this garden is overgrown with plants such as agave, yucca, nolina, and sikas.

The garden area is usually equipped with garden lights, statues, fish ponds and coral that make the garden more beautiful and beautiful.

Selection of plants such as agave, yucca, nolina, and sikas aim for easier maintenance because they are considered to be more symmetrical.

The layout in a place with a sufficient source of sunlight will increasingly make the park more beautiful and well maintained.

3. Minimalist Garden Decoration

As the name suggests, this garden is a concept and an example of a garden design that is very suitable to be applied to minimalist land.

Garden can be made inside the house with a space that is not too broad. Not only that, but this concept can also be used as an outdoor park around the minimalist in order to make the house look more minimalist but still looks green and healthy.

In this concept, ornamentation is not used too much because it is more concerned with structuring factors to look beautiful with maximum functionality.

As in the example design above, the arrangement is so noted to be able to create an artistic, attractive and beautiful blend.

4. Dry Garden Decoration

Source: penick

Compared to other parks, the concept and example of dry garden design is much more flexible. Not only that this park is very flexible also in the use of types of plants because it can be adjusted to the intensity of light entering the area of ​​the house.

Houses with enough light can use native plants. But if there isn’t too much light, synthetic plants can also be the right choice.

In terms of maintenance, a dry garden is much simpler because plants don’t need too much water.

That way, the time to care for him is also much shorter. As in the example above, the garden still looks fresh and green even though almost all plants are dry.

5. European Garden Design

The concept and example of this garden design is a fairly complex one. This European garden was built with a distinctly European feel.

In the example image above, it can be seen that the park was built on a large enough area and there is a sculptured ornament that adorns the middle of the garden.

Of course, all of that aims to give the impression of luxury like a garden that is often found in Europe.

The park is dominated by green grasses and colorful flowers that give a beautiful impression to the European-style garden.

6. Classic Garden Design

Classic Home Garden Design
Source: houzz

Almost similar to European parks, classic gardens also require a fairly large land area. But even so, the concept of this park is quite popular with most people.

Usually, the Palm tree is one of the characteristics of a classic garden and a playground because of its large area.

Not only suitable to be applied to luxury homes with large land, but the park is also often applied by institutions or industries.

The goal is as an area for rest and socialization among people.

7. Bali Garden Design

Bail Garden Design
Source: houzz

The next concept and example of garden design is the Balinese garden.

Adapted from Balinese architecture, usually, in this garden, there is a gazebo for relaxing, swimming, sculpture, to the typical Balinese gate.

This type of garden is very suitable to be applied for those who like a relaxed atmosphere at home with a tropical atmosphere like in Bali.

But even though many are fond of this concept, in fact not every home can apply it.

This is because the Balinese garden has a very strong character and will look awkward if the park actually dominates the building of the house.

8. Vertical Garden Design

Source: homeonline

The concept of this park is more often found in tall buildings. But even so, it does not mean it can not be applied to minimalist home interior design.

Vertical gardens are actually able to decorate the walls of minimalist home interior designs and give the impression of green to the area of ​​the house.

However, it should be noted that rooms in the garden area must have adequate lighting. This is because to keep plants growing well.

But if the room does not get sunlight, then it can be replaced with light. That way the garden will be maintained and the plants will continue to flourish.

9. Roof Garden

Maybe not many people apply the concept of this garden. However, this roof garden can be an alternative chosen to bring the impression of green and beautiful in homes with limited land.

Most of these concepts are applied to terraced houses in big cities. With limited land, of course, this concept can be a solution to keep doing greenery.

Not only the garden but usually also equipped with chairs and tables that are used to relax on the roof floor of the house.

Plants that are planted are also more diverse and varied so that it is easy to apply.

10. Tropical Garden


Source: Instagram

As the name implies, this garden can be placed in the area inside the house or outside the house with tropical plants that adorn.

Usually, plants that are planted are plants that are dry and do not wilt easily. In addition to adding beauty to the atmosphere of the house, this park will also make the house look cooler and fresher.

Tropical impression can be added by the existence of a swimming pool, or a small pool beside the garden and chairs and umbrellas to protect from the sun.

Tips on Determining Garden Design

After knowing some concepts and examples of garden designs that can be applied in the home area, you should need to know tips for determining the right garden design.

One of them is to adjust the design of the house.

Minimalist design houses will usually be more easily applied to the concept of a modern and diverse garden.

This is because a house that still looks simple will be more prominent if applied to a garden with a modern or even luxurious design.

The next tip is to adjust the area of ​​land to be created by the park. Minimalist design houses usually have limited land.

For this reason, you should choose a garden that does not need to require a lot of land such as the concept of minimalism, vertical, and roof garden.

Now that’s 10 concepts and examples of garden designs that can be applied to add to the impression of green in and in the area of ​​the house.

Do not forget to always take care by providing nutrition in the form of enough water and sunlight. That way, plants will always look fresh and green.

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