How to Use Concrete Patio Molds

Concrete patio molds are extremely useful products. They come in very handy when you try to build your own concrete patio.

If you want to concrete your patio in a quick and hassle free manner, then getting molds for the job is a very wise idea. These molds are available at many home improvement stores and you can also find on the internet.

However before you start using them, you have to understand how these molds work and exactly how you can put them to use. Read this article to know more about the fabulous concrete patio molds.


How to use the concrete patio molds

Once you know the correct procedure, using a concrete patio paver mold becomes very simple. Take a look at these steps.

Lay the molds on the ground

You have to start off by laying the concrete mould on the ground. Place it carefully and on the specific area where you want the concrete to be spread.


This will be the first step and will help you to carry on with the rest of the steps in a very methodical manner.

Mix the cement

Next, you have to mix the cement and get the concrete ready. This is another step that needs precision. Make sure the cement is not too runny as that will prevent it from taking shape.

Pour the concrete

Once you have mixed the concrete in the right viscosity, pour it over the mold and let it rest. Do not make the mistake of removing the mold as soon as you finish pouring the concrete.


This will make the concrete to shift and get mixed up. Wait for the concrete to dry out a little bit and take shape. This step would not take more than a few minutes.

Remove the moulds

Once you see the cement has taken shape and is drying up, you can gently remove the mould. If you need to cement another part of the patio, place the mold there and start over again.

Smoothen it out

Remove the mold at a time when the cement has not dried out completely. This will help you to smoothen out the edges and give the patio a more defined appearance.

You can use a spatula or any flat-based equipment to do this.

Also, read about knowing about precast concrete steps prices.

Where to find the best concrete patio molds

If you are looking to work with a good mold, you need to buy it from:

A home improvement store

Most home improvement stores sell the molds and you can buy the one that you find to be most suitable.

Go through the different designs, sizes and patterns and then choose the mold you like the most.


These molds are also available for purchase online.

There are many online stores that sell concrete patio molds and if you look closely you will find a wonderful mold. And when you shop online you also end up saving a lot of time, energy and money.

Using a concrete patio mold is not a very difficult task. Rather, it makes the process of cementing the patio extremely easy and trouble free.

So you can go ahead and get a good mold and work with it. If you need some more information regarding the molds, you can go online and do some research.

Look at pictures and videos, read articles and forum posts and you will be in a better position to understand how these molds work.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick from among the best concrete patio molds and get set to give your patio a wonderful makeover.

Concrete Patio Mold Images

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Concrete Patio Paver Mold – Brown

Concrete Patio Mold – Dark Grey

Concrete Patio Mold -Grey and Brown
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