Desk Design That Can Be Replicated for More Enthusiasm to Work at Home

A desk is one of the main components that need to be designed as comfortable as possible so that we can work well at home.

Designing a desk for work comfort is not complicated as long as we know the concepts needed and what components or items can support the design we want.

The following are things that need to be fulfilled for the basic design of a work table so that it can work comfortably:

Set Design Desk at Home

Relieved space

Space or space when working needs to be made quite relieved. This means you can put things on your desk without having to move other items.

So your desk is not filled with unneeded items …

Enough lighting

Source: humanscale

Lighting is one important factor to support our work. Laying a desk near the window is a wise choice for your work comfort.

Occasionally you can also refresh your eyes through the scenery outside the window when your eyes are tired.

The choice of hanging lamps or long lamps with a minimalist design is the right choice.

Goods Rack

Before starting or after work you need to pick up or drop your things, right? Choose a work desk that has a place for storing your things.

For storage of stationery such as ballpoints, pencils or notebooks, you can store them on open shelves or closed shelves.

I myself prefer open shelves because it will be easier to see and retrieve when needed.

Source: walmart

Give greenery near your desk

This is an option, but in my opinion, it can have a relaxing effect when you look away from your work towards the plant.

The green plants that are chosen should be a living plant because besides giving a fresh effect to the eyes, it can also supply clean air to your room.

Source: workdesign

Provision of hanging racks

Hanging racks have many benefits for your work comfort. Aside from the hanging rack, it has the function of storing goods, and can also be used to place notes that are needed as reminders.

Here is an example of a desk design that can also be a desk as a reference for your workspace decorating ideas.

The desk does not always have to be in the office, for those of you who have limited space this desk can also be placed in your bedroom.

I hope it can be useful.

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