How to Create A Country Kitchen that Fit Traditional and Modern Style

Today, even though country kitchens have been around for a long time, new design concepts are always emerging.

If you want to live in a country house, all of the rooms, including the kitchen, should be created in the same style.

That kind of kitchen design will be very interesting if applied to the country house design. There are various methods to improve and spice up your country kitchen decor.


Make sure you choose the right colors for your project

Warm rustic country kitchen ideas
Warm rustic country kitchen ideas

In the case of a country kitchen, white is a popular choice as a primary color. To give your kitchen a unique flair, choose stronger colors, but keep them manageable. Consider painting your cabinets, walls, or even appliances like an AGA range cooker or a Smeg 50s style fridge freezer.

If you want to update your kitchen for 2019, pick one of the Pantone color palettes for AW19/20, the world’s foremost authority on color.

Natural hues, fun pastels, and vibrant colors are ready to take center stage in the fashion industry.

To enhance intrigue, use patterns

The pattern in Country Kitchen

The word “country” conjures up images of plaid blankets and tweed, but there are many more patterns that may be used in the design of your new kitchen. Florals, stripes, and farm patterns all go well with a rustic setting.

Consider the style and color of your kitchen’s cookware and tableware, especially if they’re on display, to help create a cohesive effect.

Known for its high-quality cookware, Le Creuset offers a rainbow of colors.

Millbry Hill has a large selection of printed tea towels, oven gloves, and mugs that may be used to beautify your kitchen.

Emma Bridgewater, Sophie Allport, and Garden Trading are other go-to’s in the kitchen.

Also, read Effect of Stone Wall for Country Kitchen Style.

Bring in a touch of antiquity

Country Kitchen Style
French Country kitchen | Source:Homedit

You may give your country kitchen a more traditional and lived-in feel by including some vintage accents.

Whether you want to go all out or add a few little touches to the space, it’s up to you. If you plan to go all out, you can buy a used dining table and chairs.

Love Antiques features everything from clocks to decorations to lights from trusted merchants for sale.

Traditional appliances should be a priority


The appliances in a country kitchen tend to be replaced with those of a more rustic style. However, even if you don’t go this route, it may help your kitchen have a more genuine rustic vibe.

Marks Electrical provides a wide selection of vintage kitchen appliances. This will go nicely if your current appliances are beyond repair or just want to go all out.

Besides that, it is also a lovely idea to combine modern ideas in your kitchen.

For modern ideas to your kitchen, apply the modern and luxurious lighting unit to your kitchen. 

You may mix and match your outfits without a problem!

Global Mansion modern country kitchen

Laid-back country kitchens may seem more lived-in than those with everything in its correct place.

For example, your dining table could have four different chairs. Also, You might wish to change the knobs on every cupboard. As a result, your kitchen will prove more carefree and uncomplicated.

You may find mismatched furniture, decorative items, and cooking accouterments at car boot sales and flea markets.

Enter your postcode into Car Boot Junction. You’ll be shown all of the regular events that are worth attending in your neighborhood.

Everything should be on show

Country Kitchen Style
Country kitchen ideas | Source:Better Homes and Gardens

It’s not necessary to keep a country kitchen spotless and clutter-free; in fact, many homeowners love to exhibit everything from their tea towels to their tableware in this kind of kitchen.

A kitchen may seem a lot more cozy and lived-in when this is done.

It is possible to arrange your kitchenware in a variety of ways. Install glass doors on cupboards to show off your great assortment of plates, bowls, and mugs.

Oven gloves and tea towels may also be used to hang from hooks on the wall.

Create a cozy atmosphere with the help of aromas

Country Kitchen Style
Cozy country kitchen ideas | Source:Home Decor Bliss

If you want to make your kitchen seem warm and inviting, consider more than simply the looks.

You can’t go wrong with baking odors when you’re buying for your kitchen, no matter what your tastes are.

You may get candles that smell like freshly made bread and cookies and gingerbread. In a rustic kitchen, any of them would look great.

Images of Country Kitchen Syles

Paring the French and Country Kitchen Design

Country Kitchen Style
Paring the french and English country styles | Source:Builder Supply Outlet

Traditional Kitchen Design

Country Kitchen Style
Traditional Kitchen design | Source:Country Living Magazine

British Kitchen Model

Country Kitchen Style
British country kitchen style | Source:Veranda

Country Kitchen with English Style

Country Kitchen Style
Kitchen with English Style | Source:Wren Kitchens

Beautiful Country Kitchen Style

Country Kitchen Style
English country kitchen with beautifully | Source:Cool Chic Style Fashion

Warm Rustic Country Kitchen Ideas

Warm rustic country kitchen ideas

Modern Country kitchen design

Country Kitchen Style
Modern Country kitchen design | Source:Decoholic

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Country Kitchen Style
Farmhouse kitchen decor | Source:Don Pedro

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