10 Cool Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

As time goes by, the child gradually has to sleep separately from their parents.

They can’t sleep together forever.

Some children are difficult when they first have to be separated.

The reason is fear, loneliness, and many more. This can be tricked by making the room feel as comfortable as possible.

So continue to follow this article because it will recommend several concepts and design drawings for children’s bedrooms.

Every child has their own taste.

Therefore, parents should understand things that children like as material to be their room design concepts.

This can be a bait for them to want to sleep alone. Not only that, but parents also must be observant in mixing and matching designs, colors, and layout of accessories, thus creating a pleasant and comfortable interior.

Find ideas for children’s rooms through the concepts and examples of children’s bedroom designs here.

Everything can be followed easily and adjusted to the conditions.

No need to worry about the budget because it creates a room that makes you feel at home not having to use expensive furniture.

Even if you can make it yourself, why not? More economical and can be as desired.

Here are some examples of children’s rooms as inspiration:

10 Cool Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Princess Room Decoration

Source: ecofabengg

Room designs like this are common for girls.

Some girls may have read princess figures or watched their favorite TV shows with a princess theme.

That favorite can be used as their room design idea.

Generally, the concept of a room like this will be dominant using the color pink (pink), because it seems so feminine.

Other decorations can be added to make it look sweeter, such as ribbon accents, lace, flowers, unicorns, and others.

The Concept of Idol Figure Bedroom

The Concept of Idol Figure Bedroom
Source: homemydesign

Just like girls, boys also have their own idol figures; of course, it can be adapted to the character of children.

Concepts and examples of children’s bedroom designs like this are often found in the majority of colors blue, green, and red.

Do not forget the characteristics of an idol figure appearing in the middle of the room — for example, his trademark clothes or in the form of a hat or other.

In my opinion, do not display sculptures, pictures of people, or people because it will give the impression of being scary when the child is alone — quite his trademark.

It would be better if the characteristic of the idol is placed in the middle wall or the central part parallel to the mattress.

Other touches can be added to the sheets, patterns on furniture, or wardrobe. It could also add airplane toys, cars, or motorcycles to a table in a child’s room.

Space Bedroom Concepts

Space Bedroom Concepts
Source: boredpanda

When children are asked what their ideals are, not a few who answer want to be an astronaut.

They dream of being able to fly to the moon, see outer space, ride the shuttle, and so on.

Realize their dreams in a simple way through the design of the room.

Present the figure of an astronaut complete with the atmosphere of outer space on the wall of the room.

Some concepts and examples of children’s bedroom designs like this one make the ceiling light up in the dark.

The free atmosphere in the open

Source: timeincuk

For those whose children are happy outside or classified as active, you can try the concept of open nature.

No need to extreme inserts various kinds of decoration.

Nowadays, many sell wallpapers at affordable prices.

Choose wallpaper with the concept of trees, grass, birds, butterflies, and various outdoor-related things.

If you want it simpler, try the garden concept as interior design.

Monochrome concept

Who said the concept of monochrome is not suitable for children’s rooms?

See concepts and examples of monochrome children’s bedroom designs above. As long as you can mix and match patterns and apply them to something appropriate, then everything will turn out to be interesting.

In fact, this concept is unique, and maybe not many people have implemented it.

The use of black and white is not always a pattern. It can be transformed into a picture of green plants, butterfly patterns, and so on.

Modern Minimalism Kids Bedroom

Modern Minimalism Kids Bedroom
Source: ldzr

If you don’t want a lot of stuff in a child’s room, then use the minimalist concept.

In accordance with the name of the concept, if a child’s room is designed with minimalism, there will not be many trinkets and toys. Pillows and bolsters areas needed, walls tend to be plain, and desks are always neat.

Meanwhile, the furniture used is usually multifunctional.

An example is a bed that has drawers underneath.

There is also a bookcase that connects with a desk, and much more.

This concept does not mean boring because it seems empty.

Play with colors and colors. Pair warm colors, so the room still feels alive.

Shabby Chic Shades

Source: timeincuk

You could say shabby chic colors are currently trending. Many people are starting to use shabby chic colors for the interior design of their homes, such as living rooms, family rooms, including children’s rooms.

Upon entering this room, the nuances that will be felt are calm and calm.

Some concepts and examples of children’s bedroom designs with shabby chic colors tend to be for women.

When, in fact, this concept can be applied to boys’ rooms.

Light blue can be paired with light gray or white.

Other colors for boys can be light green or Tosca green combined with gray as well.

Toy or Lego Design

Source: homedit

The rampant sale of legos or children’s toys in several toy shops, making lego toys favored by today’s children.

If the child likes lego toys and arranges them into certain shapes such as houses, planes, or cars, then it’s easy to make them as their bedroom designs.

Attach several lego replicas on the side of the wall. Due to its beam-like shape, the lego replica can be used as a table or a place to put other items.

Don’t forget to paint the wall with lego motifs. The drawing lego motif is very easy.

Therefore, making a concept and example of a child’s bedroom design like this can be done alone, and the budget is not so big.

Twins Boys and Girls Bedroom

Source: babble

It is easy to design a room if the twins are the same sex.

But what would happen if it turns out that her twins are male and female?

Don’t be confused; this is the concept and example of twin bedroom designs of different types.

Design each region with its colors and preferences.

On the side of the girl can be dominated by pink, while the area of ​​boys in blue and some robots.

So that each has a private room, do not place the mattress side by side.

Take advantage of room corners to position the bed.

That way, they have their territory but remain close to their twin.

The Concept of Marine Life

Source: dailymail

Other children love underwater life.

For them, the condition of the sea on the inside is fantastic.

They can see a group of fish, sharks, and giant whales, and the beautiful colorful coral reefs.

The concept of a child’s room like this is really easy to apply.

Make blue the dominant color to strengthen the shades of the sea.

Add photos of the sea atmosphere on the sides of the wall.

For the floor, it can be held a blue carpet like seawater.

If there is more budget, put the bed like a submarine or boat.

That’s the ten concepts and examples of children’s bedroom designs that can be chosen.

Remember, there’s no need to force yourself to use expensive furniture or high-quality paint.

The main principle of a child’s bedroom is a comfortable and pleasant place for them.

If both are already realized, then think about the rest.

How to sleep with parents always provide their own comfort.

But it is also the duty of parents to educate their children to become an independent person.

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