12 Concepts and Pictures of Wooden Home Floor Designs

Are you planning to build a room in your house with wooden floors?

If so, maybe you want to take a look at some of the following wooden floor options for houses.

Wood material for the floor is one that is quite widely applied in some rooms of the house to get a more relaxed and more natural feel.

There are various concepts and examples of wooden floor design that you can apply.

If you want to apply wood flooring, it should be used to the part of the house where you want to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, such as a family room or children’s playground.

This wood material has a variety of designs, colors, cuts, and species. Wood material care is also somewhat different from other types of equipment to make it more durable.

Designing floors with wood can consider several things or copy an existing concept.

The following are the concepts and examples of wooden house floor designs:

12 Concepts and Pictures of Wooden Home Floor Designs

Herringbone Design

Herringbone wood floor design is a zig-zag arranged floor pattern.

These pieces of wood floors look like fish bones.

The color of the floor used can be either two colors or one color as you wish.

The type of floor that can be used for herringbone design can be parquet or solid wood flooring.

Colors that can be chosen can be bright colors such as white to dark floor colors.

The floor with this pattern can also be underfloor heating, which is suitable for cold areas.

Brick Stacking Design

Source: brick-stack

The brick floor design is quite common.

Wooden floorboards can be arranged easily in one direction in this way.

Floor masons can arrange wood parquet one by one like arranging bricks for building walls.

Wood flooring with a brick stacking design can also use a variety of wood types and colors.

The size for a piece of wood floor is usually small rectangular but can also be rather large.

Puzzle Design

The form of parquet wood floors, which are usually in the form of strips or rectangles, actually has other choices.

Desan wooden floors, such as puzzles, can be a boring choice.

The irregular shape of the puzzle can form a unique floor design.

The shape of each parquet wooden floor for this design usually remains the same from one another.

3-D Parquet

3-D Parquet
Source: cgtrader

Parquet or pieces of wood flooring can have a 3-D or three-dimensional design.

This one design makes the floor has the appearance of a building block.

This can be used as a choice for private home floors, such as in the family room.

The concept and example of a 3D wooden floor design of this house can consist of colors with different darkness.

The existence of a darker color that later can cause three-dimensional effects for people who see it.

Mosaic Design

Mosaic Design
Source: trendir

Examples of the next home floor design are the mosaic design.

In this one pattern, parquet wood flooring can be in the form of boxes or other fairly small shapes.

Mosaic itself means small pieces that have different colors.

The color of this mosaic-shaped floor pattern can consist of a variety of different colors.

The combination of dark and light colors can create a beautiful mosaic floor.

Woven Wood Design

This wood, woven pattern can be an attractive choice for wood floor designs.

The concept and example of a wooden floor design of this house can actually be found in other materials.

Hardwood floors with this pattern are suitable to be placed in various rooms in the house.

An ethnic impression will be felt when the house floor is given a wooden woven design.

The color variations used can be with monochrome colors, such as dark brown and light brown.

Chessboard Pattern

The chessboard has a unique pattern that is in two different colors, alternately.

On a regular or ceramic floor, the floor pattern can be black and white.

But on wood floors can be adjusted to the color of the wood.

For example, you are using wood colors, dark brown, and light brown.

The wood design in this one pattern has the same rectangular shape.

This is different from pieces of wood floors that are usually elongated.

Rhombus Pattern

Rhombus Pattern
Source: houzz

Rhombus patterns can be selected for unusual wood flooring models.

This one model can be created by giving a small pattern to the edges.

Not only suitable for the floor of the house, this one model is quite suitable for the floor of the building.

The rhombus pattern gives a quite magnificent impression if the floor pieces are large.

The color itself can be polished natural wood color so that it can look shiny.

White Wood Floor Design

One of the wood floor designs that is currently preferred is white.

White wooden floors give the impression of a sunny beach.

This color is perfect for use in a room such as a kitchen or dining room.

This white wooden flooring makes the house look brighter, bigger, and more relaxed.

This design is suitable for homeowners who are young at heart and modern.

The whitewood floor itself still has a unique wood texture pattern.

Variation Wood Design

The existence of the latest technology makes the concept and example of a wooden floor design look natural because it can be made into various patterns.

In nature, there are no two trees that have a wood pattern that looks the same, so that the design of this wooden floor is very fitting to get a natural atmosphere.

The wooden floors in some of the previous examples are made similar to each other.

At present, with existing technology, wood floors can be diverse.

Homeowners can order wood floors that have a high variation and then arrange them as usual.

The floor still has pieces that are easily arranged, but the color of the wood varies from one to another.

However, these color variations are usually still in one color scheme, so it is still pleasing to the eye.

Wide Plank Pattern

Floor patterns that are also quite popular are wide planks or large boards.

The wooden floor with this pattern makes the room seem bigger, more open, and not crowded.

Today wood flooring manufacturers are starting to enjoy producing large types of wood flooring.

The color of wood that is usually used is light brown.

This large wooden plank flooring is also suitable for small spaces.

Another plus is that it is easier to maintain because of its straight shape and large size.

Reclaimed Wood

Source: thespruce

The concept and example of the wooden floor design of this house are called the most expensive one.

This is because it uses wood that has been used from various places with its own history.

Using this type of wood for the floor of the house certainly gives an unusual and unique impression.

Using reclaimed wood for the floor is not easy because it takes effort to look for it.

The wood used can come from unique sources such as wine cellars, shipyards, and others.

Thus various examples of wood flooring design that you can choose from.

Wooden flooring has several advantages, such as being able to absorb heat and seem natural.

Although in Asia, the use of wood floors is less common, but it can be a viable option.

Wood flooring manufacturers in Asia have also begun to emerge.

Choosing wood as the floor of the house itself needs to consider several things, as given in the example above.

In addition to design, the type of wood material also needs attention because it is related to the maintenance and durability of the wood.

I hope it can be useful!

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