10 Concepts and Pictures of Kitchen Designs That Can Inspire

The kitchen is one part of the house that also needs to be considered both the concept and design. Make no mistake, the selection of concepts and designs that are less appropriate makes the kitchen uncomfortable.

Therefore in addition to other rooms, the kitchen should also consider the design. If you are still confused, here are the choices of concepts and examples of kitchen designs as inspiration:

10 Concepts and Pictures of Kitchen Designs That Can Inspire

Modern Minimalist Kitchen

Source: thespruce

The concept and example of the first kitchen design are as shown. Examples of such kitchen models, a minimalist concept. Suitable for a room that is not so spacious.

Because the place used for the kitchen is indeed relatively narrow, the furniture also doesn’t need to be used too much. Most important is always to provide air ventilation.

Remember cooking can sometimes cause enough smoke to smoke if not removed. In this example of a kitchen design, air vents are made by installing windows.

To make it look attractive, adjust the color of the floor, cabinets, and kitchen walls. If all colors match, obviously it will look beautiful.

Simple Minimalist Kitchen

Furthermore, there are more choices of concepts and examples of kitchen designs that can be used as inspiration, as seen in the picture.

Still a minimalist concept that is suitable for homes with limited space, the alias can not take up too much space. Both kitchen utensils and furniture are all placed on only one side.

Placement like this can give a broader kitchen effect. Just adjust the color of furniture, walls and floors.

Especially for the wall behind the stove and the sink was deliberately affixed to ceramic (not just painted the wall). It is intended that the part is easy to clean because it is indeed a very dirty spot.

Kitchen and Dining Room Become One

Next, the concept of a kitchen integrated with the dining room. Examples of designs as seen in the picture. Kitchen with a model like this is similar to the minimalist concept because it saves space.

So in the house no longer need a dining room because it connects with the kitchen. Don’t worry, the kitchen will look messy because of this combination.

If arranged properly it will be even more beautiful. Add accessories such as high bar stools to complement the dining table.

To make it more interesting is not wrong also to add a unique chandelier. Choose coloring with the concept of monochrome very hits today.

Laying some ornamental plants in several corners also can add to the impression of green, so the kitchen and dining room can look fresh all day.

Kitchen design that doubles the dining room is also energy efficient. Residents of the house do not need to go back and forth to fetch food or clean the rest.

Industrial Concept Kitchen

One that is currently in high demand by the public is the industrial concept kitchen. This is because the industrial concept is considered to have its own charm.

Especially in the coloring side, which uses a lot of black, white, and gray. These colors can give the impression of luxury and elegance.

The concept and example of kitchen design in the picture can interpret well the industrialist side.

Starting from the color of furniture that is more likely to black. In addition, the industrialist side of the kitchen model also appears in the addition of iron and steel accessories.

As seen from the smoke suction and furniture materials.

Outdoor Concept Kitchen

Source: homemydesign

If you feel bored with the concept of a kitchen in a closed room, just try to make it more open. For example for the kitchen is in the backyard terrace, with the position outside the house.

This concept is quite unique. In addition, air circulation is also healthier.

As seen in the picture, because it is outside, the furniture used is also quite simple. In order to more easily enjoy the results of cooking, you can add all the table chairs so it is similar to the dining room.

Because it is outside the room, it’s better to use colors that are quite striking so that it looks interesting when seen.

Kitchen with natural nuances

Source: posthomes

Who says natural kitchen nuances can only be made in an open space. Homeowners can still present the natural atmosphere in the kitchen even though indoors.

As seen in the picture. Natural nuances can be obtained from the addition of access to tiny plants in pots placed on kitchen shelves.

If you want to look more fresh, you can attach green tiles to certain wall corners. Avoid tiling on all sides of the wall to show the combination.

That way, the room does not seem dead and instead attractive. For example kitchen design as shown in the picture using a combination of green and white wall colors.

Kitchen with Vintage Shades

Kitchen with Vintage Shades
Source: bigchill

Next, there are other kitchen design concepts and examples as seen in the picture. Carrying a vintage concept that is currently also no fewer hits.

The vintage concept itself places more emphasis on the use of second hand but still quality goods. In the kitchen design, there are wooden shelves and several displays which are mostly used goods.

The concept of vintage also emphasizes the nuances of the thick old days. The addition of ordinary chandelier to be a complementary kitchen accessory with a vintage concept.

Likewise, the furniture is dominated by ancient designs. Kitchen coloring with a vintage concept is also more inclined to soft colors and pastels.

Kitchen Design Under the Stairs

Source: onekindesign

The area under the stairs is usually unused. Even though it’s a pity if it’s not used, especially for houses that are not too broad.

Just make the room under the stairs become a kitchen. As seen in the picture, the kitchen can also be combined with a mini dining room.

This design is highly recommended for houses that are not large. Choose matching colors such as white for walls, and brown for furniture and floors.

To make it look fresh, give it a green feel by displaying plants in hanging pots.

Kitchen Design Like Open Kitchen Cafe

Want to bring the atmosphere of the café at home? Why not? Just design a home kitchen resembling high class cafes.

Take it easy, a kitchen with a design like this will not take up too much space. The most important thing for a kitchen model with a café-style concept is the merging of the kitchen with the dining chair table.

Use the choice of high chair furniture typical of cafe seating. So that the atmosphere feels more in a real café, just install the chandelier.

Coloring can be adjusted to taste, but if you want to look elegant, it’s better to use soft pastel colors. For example a combination of light brown, white, and ash will look sweet.

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Kitchen Specific Color Shades

Furthermore, there are concepts and examples of kitchen designs with certain color shades. Kitchen design like this can adjust to the favorite color of the homeowner.

As an example seen in the picture that is a kitchen that is dominated by purple.

Starting from some furniture and accessories such as doormats and fake flowers in vases. The key to a kitchen design like this is, of course, the solid match with other colors.

Although dominated by purple, you should also know other colors that deserve to be combined.

For example with a combination of brown for the floor, or for other furniture such as a refrigerator and oven with silver color.

Those are some choices of concepts and examples of kitchen designs that can be replicated. The kitchen is indeed one part of the house that is mostly placed in the back.

But don’t also design it carelessly. Choose one of the kitchen concepts above as inspiration.

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