4 Comfortable Living Room Concept for Your Home Decor Ideas

‘Living room is the heart of the house’ because this is where the family members gather and move.

Starting from the children’s play area, where to watch TV, where to relax, where to read newspapers and magazines, or where family members ‘chat’ and discussions while enjoying drinks and snacks.

Therefore, comfort is an important element so that family interaction can be established so that the inner bonds between family members can be formed.

In addition, the Living Room must also be easily accessed from any part of the house.

That is what causes the Living Room usually located in the middle of the house.

A good Living Room is a Living Room that can accommodate the things mentioned above.

Therefore there are some things that must be met in order to meet the standards of a comfortable Living Room.

4 Comfortable Living Room Concept

Sitting Area

First, there is a sitting area such as a sofa or carpet in the Living Room.

Source: freshome

However, if the living room does not allow a sofa because the place is too narrow, it can be replaced with comfortable soft cushions.

Desk and Television Cabinet or Home Theater

Second, because it is intended as a family relaxing place, then the Living Room can be added with a desk and television cabinet.

In a large house with a modern design, the television viewing area is usually placed separately or a special room in the form of a home theater.

With a home-theater like a picture above, family entertainment and leisure activities can be done more intimate.

Watching movies, music, and karaoke can be done comfortably without disturbing guests.

In addition, the use of carpets and cushions can also be eliminated enough with a large comfortable sofa placed in a home theater room.

The concept of a Living Room that is placed in a home theater will be sweeter when using wood parquet or wooden tiles as a cover for the chain.

It is because it can look more luxurious and suitable for audio/video room.

In addition, using a wood parquet makes the floor feel cool when the weather is hot, warm when the weather is cold, beautiful, elegant, comfortable, hygienic, does not smell, not dusty, easy to clean, and not humid in the AC room.

Lighting and Air Circulation

Lighting and air circulation are also things that cannot be ignored in creating a comfortable Living Room, especially when placed openly in the middle of a room (not a closed room, such as a home theater).

ceiling-fan-direction Living room
Source: lumens

Therefore, the Living Room should be in front of a fairly large ventilated window.

The way to adjust the light intensity is to use vertical roller blinds to avoid glare.

Whereas at night so that the atmosphere feels more romantic and comfortable, we can use a downlight that has a dimmer so that the level of light-darkness can be set, place it on the points of the lights that highlight certain objects that want to blow up its beauty.

Source: worldmarket

As an accent sweetener walls of the Living Room can also be with the addition of natural stone plants, wallpaper, or paintings.

In this case, it depends on the desired interior theme. However, make sure the ornamental ornaments, furniture, coloring, and carpet models have different concept themes.

So that the Living Room looks neat, then we should place a large cupboard with many drawers that can hold a lot of things.

This is better, compared to putting a lot of furniture that makes the Living Room ‘cramped’.

Simple Properties in Living Room

In addition, it should provide a property that is easily moved, such as a small three-level table in the middle of the living room carpet or a table whose top can be opened and closed so that it can store goods in it.

Source: core77

Property like this will be useful for storing glasses/plates while watching TV while preventing the scattering of goods in the middle of the living room.

For the sake of streamlining a small room, the type of television chosen should be flat or flat-screen types such as plasma TVs, LCD TVs, or LED TVs.

Types of the TV like that do not take up much space, thus saving free space in our living rooms.

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