8 Tips for Choosing the Right Rug Design to Have an Aesthetic Room

The room will be nice decorated with the right rug color.

Choosing a rug color for a room is confusing. Usually, the rug will be used for a long time.

Therefore, you can’t just select the color of the rug.

If you choose the wrong rug color, the room might look unattractive. You don’t want to, do you?

There are some tips for choosing the right rug color, you know. You can start by understanding the function of the room. Besides, use the correct color, too.


How to Choose the Right Rug Design for the Room

Are you confused about choosing the right rug color for a particular room? Yep, selecting the rug color for that room is full of consideration. Come on, see tips on choosing the right rug color so that the room is even more eye-catching!

1. Adjust the design of the room

When choosing rug color for a room, the first thing to consider is to look at the room’s design first. As much as possible, here, match the existing room design. This is so that the final result looks more aesthetic.

Rugs with attractive colors but not many motifs are the best choice for a minimalist room.

You have to be smart in combining rugs with the room design. If the design of your room is shabby chic, don’t suddenly have Scandinavian motifs on the rugs!

For the best inspiration, you can see references on Pinterest or articles on Google.

2. Pay attention to the amount of furniture

Apart from seeing the room design, you also have to pay attention to the amount of furniture in the room. This is done so that the room looks balanced, doesn’t look too empty or full.

If you have a lot of furniture in the room, you can choose a rug of one color with a simple motif. Conversely, if your room is spacious, choose a rug with a combination of several colors.

3. Adjust the function of the room


The choice of rug color must also be adjusted to the use of the room. This step is done so that the room functions optimally.

For the bedroom, try to choose a soft-colored rug so that it can provide comfort while resting. Avoid choosing rugs with colors that are too bold or bright.

Want to maximize the function of the living room? Yep, you can choose a rug color that is tailored to the living room design. For example, if your sofa is very simple, choose a bright-colored rug with an attractive motif.

4. The color of the floor should also be considered


The choice of rug color must also be adjusted to the floor, you know. You don’t want to, right, have a headache choosing the right rug, but your guests don’t even realize a rug in the room?

So, don’t choose a rug color that matches the floor color. If you want to show rug details, choose a rug with a contrasting color to the floor color.

For example, a white floor is better for using light color rugs with interesting motifs. If your floor is dark, you can use a rug of contrasting colors such as yellow, white, or gray.

Do you prefer simple ones? You can also combine rug colors that are still in line with the floor color. For example, a white floor can be fitted with a beige or light gray rug with a simple motif.

However, don’t use a rug that is the same color as the floor. This makes your room design “dead.”

5. Adjust the room decoration

Apart from paying attention to the color of the floor, it would help if you also looked at indoor decorations such as wall paint, wallpaper, and furniture. The rug color that matches the decor of the room will show a beautiful space.

If you want to use the same color as the room decor, choose a darker or lighter color.

Want something out of the ordinary? You can also choose a contrasting color, you know. Choose a rug color that is still in the same color family as the room decor.

If you want to fit the sofa, you can too. For example, your sofa has a stripes pattern; then the rug is also striped. But with a note that the wall color must be plain.

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6. Want to make the mood of the room like what?


Determining the mood of the room is essential when installing a rug. For example, here, the workspace needs a calm mood but is still uplifting and inspiring. You can use rugs with tribal, abstract, or tendril motifs to energize you.

Besides, you can also psychologically choose rug color. For example, if you want to create a calm mood, you can use green or blue. Meanwhile, yellow or pink for a cheerful and lively impression.

7. Choose your rug color wisely!

Determining the color of the rug for room decoration is confusing. Choose the rug color correctly and not carelessly. Later, this rug will be the finishing point of the room.

A room dominated by neutral colors like white, beige, or gray uses a bright and patterned rug. The room also becomes more aesthetic and attractive!

If you are not sure about the choice of bright rug colors, pastel-colored rugs can also be a lifesaver. Soft pink, soft blue, or soft green colors perfect for pairing with minimalist designs to shabby chic!

8. Monochrome will save you!

Too confused in determining the color of the rug? If so, monochrome colors can always be the right choice, you know!

Monochrome colors such as black, white, gray, and other derivative colors are a savior to neutralize the room’s design. Even in a classically designed room!

You can also, you know, use a beige rug in a shabby chic design. Do you feel the room is too crowded with the colors? If so, use a white or gray rug to give a calmer impression.

Choosing a rug should be thought out carefully. So that you don’t get confused yourself, see the tips for choosing a rug color above, huh. Also, please share with your friends so that they don’t buy the wrong color of the rug too!

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