Kitchen Island Design Looks Stunning In White Combined With Silver

To get a new kitchen design model, my father takes me to a professional designer’s house. He says that we can renovate our house into more incredible flair.

A designer who we meet is an agreeable man. Surely in his luxurious house, he applies furniture in various styles. I want to buy furniture existing in his place because the furniture model is futuristic and very inspiring.


My father and I look around all living spaces furnished with cool furniture and precious decoration.


Simple Kitchen Island Design

Finally, I get into a kitchen which is furnished with a kitchen set. I am interested in the kitchen island design applied here since it has an elegant design.

This modern kitchen island design is colored in silver.

The upper side of the kitchen island is crafted of untreated wood. There is an artistic fruit bowl containing apples on it.

Some books and a small indoor plant are placed on this kitchen island. This kitchen island is supplied with glossy drawers made of metals. Under kitchen island is modified as a bookcase containing a lot of books.

A silver barstool in modern style is placed in front of the kitchen island. I see a beautiful wall mural adhered to the wall for a scenic view.

Stripes Venetian blind conceals glass window in the kitchen. The modern kitchen island is supplied with casters to ease occupants to move it.

Create Stunning Kitchen with Elegant Kitchen Island Design

I further look at the elegant design of the kitchen set dominated by white and silver colors. Sleek marble floor matches with elegant kitchen furniture applied here.

Modern tall kitchen cabinet looks glossy in silver stainless steel. The white kitchen cabinet matches with a white beadboard in the kitchen.

At the centre, there is a white kitchen countertop in white. It is equipped with white drawers. Cool white barstools are set around it. A Juice bottle and fruit bowl containing apples are placed on it.

The sectional kitchen island in this kitchen represents the elegant taste of the owner.

Because the kitchen island is polished in white color it arouses a bright view over the kitchen. The stainless steel range hood is installed above the modern stove.

There is a glossy dark vase on the kitchen island corner consisting of white orchids for new sight. Modern kitchen appliances are set on this kitchen island.

Modern tap, basin, and drawers painted in white create a bright modern kitchen island design which interests me to buy a stylish kitchen island like this one.

Dark Island White Cabinets

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood

The dark tones of wood and black are combined with light-colored, clean lines to create an airy yet cozy look that blends modernity with traditionalism.

This design can be found on everything from kitchen walls to furniture pieces such as dining tables or chairs.

Dark island white cabinets Kitchen style is often paired with other colors like grey, brown, and taupe for a more natural feel without being too monochromatic.

Gray Kitchen Island

The gray color and the dark-brown contrast of this kitchen design make it seem like a modern take on an industrial style, while still maintaining some traditional elements in its look.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood

Kitchen tiny islands ideas

A kitchen is a place where one can relax, enjoy the company of friends or family, cook delicious meals for them to share.

A well-designed small space has everything you need without taking up too much room in your house that would make it feel crowded when not being used.

This design is for those who love minimalism but want their cooking area to have more personality than just an island countertop and stools.


Kitchen Island combined with White cabinet

The combination of the two colors creates a contrasting effect that is aesthetically pleasing and provides visual interest to the room, while also producing an overall sense of unity between all elements in the space.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood
Source:Home and Hallow

Green Kitchen

The island is made of natural materials such as marble, wood, granite, or slate that are environmentally friendly in order to be more sustainable.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood

Source: Country Living Magazine

Kitchen Island with Antique white kitchen cabinets

Antique white kitchen cabinets design is a popular style for kitchens in the United States.

The traditional look of these cabinets, which are usually made from wood or laminate with an antique finish and brass hardware, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that can be updated as you like without sacrificing its classic appeal.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood

Wood Kitchen Island

This pattern can be found in many different styles and colors with wood being used to create this classic look.

The traditional kitchen island will provide you with plenty of counter space as well as storage options that are sure to please your family’s needs!

Kitchen Island Design Silver White WoodSource:Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Rustic Kitchen Island

Rustic kitchen islands designed for a country-style home. The rustic look that is popular in today’s kitchens can be achieved by using natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal to create the island itself.

Using these materials will give your space an earthy feel without having to sacrifice any of your modern conveniences or aesthetics.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood
Rustic kitchen islands | Source: The Spruce

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen big reveal design is a trend that incorporates various elements of modernism, such as clean lines and geometric shapes.

The style often includes white or stainless steel appliances with glass backsplash tiles in the walls.

It also has an industrial vibe to it due to its use of materials like metal, concrete, stone, and wood which are typically found in modern buildings.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood
Source: The House of Silver Lining

Unique Blue Kitchen Island Design

The blue kitchen island provides an excellent backdrop to help showcase any specific decoration or theme, whether it be modern, traditional, or contemporary.

This allows you to create your own unique look that’s perfect for your home – no matter what style you prefer!

Kitchen Island Design Silver White WoodSource: House Beautiful

Round Kitchen Island

The round shape creates an open space that allows you to cook and prepare food without having any corners or obstructions getting in your way.

It also provides more countertop area than most other designs of islands with straight edges allowing you to work on multiple projects at once such as cooking, chopping vegetables, mixing dough, and kneading bread all while still being able to see what’s going on around it.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood

Pendant lighting ideas for kitchen island

Pendants can be hung from a ceiling, or they may also hang over a countertop.

If you’re planning on using pendant lights with an island in your kitchen, make sure that there’s plenty of room above it so that light doesn’t cast shadows across the surface below.

Another option is hanging them just off one side of the island so guests can see what food is being prepared while cooking at their stations without having any direct line of sight into their work area.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood
Source:Shades of Light

Light wood Kitchen Island

This design is not only about creating a home cooking area with the latest kitchen appliances, but also giving your living space an updated and modern look.

It provides you with more countertop space for preparing food or setting up extra storage for dishes and supplies that would otherwise clutter up other areas of the kitchen.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood
Source:Chrissy Marie Blog

Kitchen Island with many Drawers

This type of design features three or more drawers for storage and often has two cabinets on each side that give you extra space to work with.

Kitchen Island Design Silver White Wood

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