8 Ways to Choose a Bath Mat

When choosing a bath mat, you need to consider several things. Especially about safety and aesthetics. Then, what else, huh?

Choosing Bath mat

Bath mats are often seen as ordinary home decorations.

But in fact, it has quite an important function, especially regarding safety and cleanliness.

The reason is, if there is no mat in front of the bathroom, maybe the area will look wet, making it slippery and dangerous.

Plus, the floor will look dirty and damp, so it feels like you won’t be comfortable as an occupant of the house.

Therefore, the presence of a bath mat should not be underestimated.

Even when you want to buy it, there are several things to consider.

This is because, in the market, there are so many bath mats that are sold at various types and prices.

So, how are the five ways to choose the right bath mat?

You can find the answer in the reviews below!


8 Ways To Choose A Bath Mat

1. Security

The first thing to consider is safety because the mat can avoid harm after doing your activities in the bathroom.

Choose an anti-slip material and have a good safety level, especially if the mat will be used for parents and children who are not aware of their low level of alertness.

2. Size

Continue to the next point.

When choosing a bath mat, it’s a good idea to take measurements first.

Make sure if later, the size of the mat is precise and precise.

Avoid sizes that are too big or small.

Besides disturbing the aesthetics, an unsuitable size can also affect the level of security.

However, the question of size depends on individual beliefs.

Moreover, on the market, there are many sizes of bath mats, some even jumbo.

3. Design

If your house has been designed in such a way, don’t let the mat become a disturbing detail.

Try adjusting the color of the mat to the surrounding room.

You take it easy because, on the market, there are various types of bath mat colors.

There are also bath mats with specific beautiful designs that can be used as an element of decoration in a room.

Just choose which one would beautify the room near the bathroom.

4. Material

This point is quite essential, namely, choosing a suitable bath mat material.

There are several materials or mats to choose from, including:

• Cotton material;

• Microfiber material;

• Hemp material;

• Rubber material;

• Knitwear and others.

The types above have different absorption capacities.

But we suggest you buy something made from cotton, microfiber, or hemp.

Because all three are believed to have absorption capacity above average.

5. Easy to Clean

The next reason is easy to clean. The real mat is often used to clean the feet.

Hence, it is easy for him to look dirty and creased.

To not make a fuss, choose a type of mat that is relatively easy to clean, such as the rubber type.

Besides, also consider the color of the mat.

The brighter it is, the more easily it will look dirty.

6. Durability

Besides getting dirty easily, bath mats are actually very easy to damage.

Therefore, choose the type of bath mat with good durability. Rubber and microfiber types can be the right options.

However, other ingredients are just as strong when used for a short period.

7. Price

The price of a bath mat on the market, like in the marketplace, is not high, really.

For a few US dollars, you can buy a quality bath mat.

If you want a better one, a bath mat will promise high quality with a bit of extra cost.

8. Buy More than One

The way to choose the next mat is to buy more than one.


It was mentioned at the beginning of the mat is easily dirty and damaged.

To minimize this, you need to replace the mat regularly. Changing it once or twice a week is sufficient.

Given the low price, in one shopping trip, you can buy two to three pieces.

It may be useful.

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