Wonderful Small Space Lighting Solution

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Sometimes small space area is making hard task to exploring proper lighting style. However, lighting in tiny space is a kind of tricky threat.

Small Space Lighting

Let’s talking about some ideas of lighting in small space room. First thing about small space lighting is picking simple lamp stuff which means does not correlated with chandelier or extra pendant lamp with crystal or any rich-look material that can be consuming room space more than people expected. The French architect team of Betillon/Dorval Bory just claimed that they can maximize small space design by the use of proper lighting installation in only 65 sq feet space room. White palette must be the first thing to apply both for wallpaper, ceiling, and also flooring design since white has delivering wider effect of room size more than its actual size.

Besides, high roof ceiling at this place is really helping the architect team to placing simple loft bed at the top of the room space with short wooden staircase which connected this bedroom area with other areas included kitchen and dining room at one space and bathroom in another side. The staircase itself is designed as white floating stair with the use of soft yellow bulb installation which also gives intimate lighting effect for bathroom space.

Small Space Trick

While standing shower with frosted glass door is placed as bathroom idea, indoor plant and simple white chair is located close to standing shower which make it look better for natural impression. As the only room separator, white wall located between kitchen space and bathroom right below the bedroom’s staircase is installed with long vertical bulb lighting which facing the dining and kitchen area and delivering light beam which make it different to private room space. White sleek kitchen sink which installed in long enough size is also possible for small space lighting idea at least to read book or listening music.

12 Photos of the Wonderful Small Space Lighting Solution

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