Wonderful Classy Contemporary Apartment Adorned with Statues

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Living in apartment facilitated with high class furniture brings comfortable taste for occupants. You can see recommended apartment designed in contemporary flair on this page. Bright interior supported with glass bay window that lets you enjoy pretty town overlooking. Ceiling and wall are painted in white color for bright visualization. Modern white sofas where white fur sofa cushions lay on it feel so cushy. Square carpet covering black laminate flooring gives glaring color composition of white themed furniture. Artistic painting and statues embellish this Classy Contemporary Apartment. Floor lamp with glossy gold holder illuminates this apartment.

Flashy silver coffee table in round shape is placed on centre of sofa set. Round metallic table is adorned with freshening indoor plant. Yellow sofa placed on black laminate floor is layered with square carpet. Drum floor lamp illuminates this living room. Elegant sideboard made of wood is polished with nice finishing. Glass bay windows in dark frame give good air circulation and bright lighting. Classy Contemporary Apartment interior is furnished with luxurious furniture.

Kitchen is equipped with excellent furniture. Flashy white kitchen cabinet goes with stainless steel range hood and stainless kitchen countertop. Clean kitchen design because of white color is illuminated with sparkling glass pendant lamps and ceiling lights. Fresh indoor plant in dark vase adorns this kitchen and so does eccentric statue. Bedroom providing coziness for occupants is equipped with low profile bed. Tufted bed headboard adorns this bed. Glass bedside tables consisting of shiny table lamps set crafted in modern flair.

Minimalist bedroom is supplied with stylish contemporary bed that feels so cushy. Simple bookcase in minimalist flair is used to store a lot of books. Dark laminate flooring goes with stainless steel sideboard where artistic statues are set on it tidily. Bathroom indicates classy taste is facilitated with modern bathtub, glass shower cabin, white washing stand and some ornaments embellish it. Classy Contemporary Apartment interior design comes with eccentric ornament is homey place to inhabit.

10 Photos of the Wonderful Classy Contemporary Apartment Adorned with Statues

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