Unique Unusual Furniture for Stylish People

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Instead of choosing a normal shape for your item, start to think about unusual furniture for enhancing unique look for your residence. Don’t be afraid to play with your idea which is not only about colour but also the whole design of your item. If you are not sure enough to buy much unusual furniture then you can start with one type for each room such as coach for living room.

Unique Impression from Unusual Furniture

Here are some examples of unique design for your stuffs. They also come from unusual furniture material so both the design and material will boost you with new concept and ideas. First, a chair from bottle caps which designed by BRC designs. It has bottle caps that attached with sip ties and framing by recycle steel and finishing with white powder coated. It has colourful colour and most of them are the bright ones such as green, yellow, blue, pink, etc. Next is sofa made from fibreglass and carbon, it available for indoor and outdoor but it must be best for outdoor item since it is water and heat resistance even smack resistance.

Besides material, unique items come with priceless shape. Check a float sofa by Karim Rashid that will easily loved by the kids. It seems like toy car with yellow and grey colour completed with brown and blue cuddles. Another is button bench in candy design. It absolutely cute design which taking you to a dream land full of candy. Blue, pink and yellow are the main colour of the candy buttons. Moreover, those buttons will flat when you sit and return again if you already stand up.

Unusual Furniture Options

Next are purple-blue stripes arm chair attached with book shelves. It would be very tempting especially if you love read and feel lazy to get up from your chair to take another book. Later on we come to convertible couch-bed design. It has purple couch with a little of pink detail and has double function, as a bed then if you roll, it becomes a couch. Another is table in sandwich design, spiky modern table which seems like pyramid made from glasses, sci-fi wide cabinet and wood-ceramic cabinet with fancy colour. All of them are unusual furniture material and shape which could lighten up your home atmosphere.

11 Photos of the Unique Unusual Furniture for Stylish People

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