Unique Treehouse Design in Costa Rican Jungle

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Living in treehouse design maybe this is very unique and we can get the different sensation. Well, in Costa Rica there is treehouse community lived in treehouse with using simple design and that is very fantastic. The treehouse is absolutely can make people get the different sensation when visit there.

The Interior of Treehouse Design

Related to this situation, if you want get something unusual and unique maybe you can try to live in unusual house. The home which has treehouse design ideas in Costa Rican Jungle maybe can be your reference. This house design is for the people who looking for pleasure and different sensation.

The exterior design of this house is made from wooden material and then combined with concrete material. This house has two floors design. The first deck of this treehouse completed with dining room furniture. The dining room furniture made from wooden material. You can taste your coffee in different situation and condition in top of tree. This house used flying fox access for connect with our neighbor. Well, the top floor of treehouse used for bedroom. The bedroom design used simple design and the ceiling has circle ceiling shaped. In this treehouse also has bar facilities. The bar used wooden furniture design for the chair, table and for the cocktail storage. When the night comes, the treehouse looks so beautiful with good lighting. Well, this house is absolutely can make people can feel the different sensation.

Treehouse Design Sensation

When you are living in treehouse you will get the different sensation and get wonderful experience with that. It is not only that, with living in treehouse you can connect with the nature and feel the fresh and natural condition. Maybe you can try to realize simple treehouse design for reading space or relaxation in your home.

11 Photos of the Unique Treehouse Design in Costa Rican Jungle

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