Unique Hexagonal Tiles Bathroom for Unique Cleansing

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There are many styles of bathrooms out there, but one of my favorites will definitely be the hexagonal tiles bathroom. It is not because I have anything against non hexagonal patterns, really. It is just that hexagonal pattern is so cute and unique! With hexagonal pattern on the bathroom, the bathroom has a unique feel that makes the bathroom stands out more than the other rooms in the house. Moreover, hexagonal pattern is something that will never look boring, all thanks to its unique aspect that cannot be seen often in normal houses.

Example of Hexagonal Tiles Bathroom

To prove my statement about hexagonal pattern being a unique thing in the bathroom, I am going to give an example of hexagonal tiles bathroom design that is simple, easy to follow, but still great. In this design, the basic color of the bathroom is, of course, white to make the bathroom look clean and neat. Be material for the walls is concrete, but the bottom half of the walls are covered with white square tiles to make the walls less bare. Where would the hexagonal pattern be? It is no other than the floor of the bathroom, of course! Do not worry about it clashing with the subway tiles. Instead, they complete each other with each of their own unique aspects.

Wonderful Hexagonal Tiles Bathroom With Blue Combination

Are the positions of the bathroom furniture important in this design? Yes, they are very important! Though the tiles are unique, they cannot help but make the bathroom looks more crowded than how it originally is. To make the bathroom goes back to its spacey ambiance, it is best to place the bathroom furniture set at the sides of the wall, making the middle part of the bathroom empty. This way, the resident will have more freedom in the bathroom. Also, make sure that the furniture set is decked in white to complete the neat look.

Hexagonal Tiles Bathroom for Something Different

As it can be seen, the hexagonal pattern on the bathroom is nothing complicated and fussy. Instead, it is something that is pretty simple and neat, yet it managed to create a whole new different kind of feeling in the bathroom. Of course, this gives more reason to use hexagonal pattern in the bathrooms. I mean, who would not want stylish hexagonal tiles bathroom design that is not fussy but unique and different?

13 Photos of the Unique Hexagonal Tiles Bathroom for Unique Cleansing

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