Unique Desk with Latex Features Many Functions

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Have you ever thought a comfortable nap using desk with latex? Well, it is a new innovation by Russian designer who was inspired by many students falls asleep in a classroom on their desk. Since the desks are made of hard wood, those do not give them soft pillows for their heads then he has an idea to mix the wood with elastic material. He chose latex to offer you enough soft desks and he named the table as the Zevaka Table.

Desk with Latex: the Comfy Latex

At the first sight, it looks like ordinary desk with flat board, drawers, and legs. Walk closer then you will find the unusual design it has, the red latex. This desk with latex idea has unique creation where there is a folding board which hides the latex if you want to relax your eyes for a while. It is truly strong elastic latex to hold heavy load. The hidden latex will not bother your study activity that you can easily open and close the board.

Desk with Latex with Many Facilities

Aside of the latex, the desk also contains many more functions. On the left corner top, it offers you a small round space to put a bottle drink, while in the right corner there is a cable organization for your laptop or tablet. On the right side, it also has a hanger which can be used to hang your bag and on the right leg there is a small drawer to keep small items, such as erasers, pins, and clips.

The desk is made of ergonomic material of natural wood in contemporary style. It is a functional desk delivers many functions except for studying, but the giving of latex may be not a good idea. It makes you lazy as offering you comfort space to take a nap while studying. However, the whole facilities and design can be nominated as unique furniture. The unique desk with latex idea is a creative innovation features some benefits.

11 Photos of the Unique Desk with Latex Features Many Functions

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