Unforgettable Underground Homes in Eco-Friendly Perspective

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Being bored with normal design for your home then you may need to try underground style. You can enjoy this style both in home and in hotel. It would make you feel comfort due to the using of sustainable material which means eco-friendly to the environment and also energy resource.

Adorable Underground Residence

Take a look into some designs that amaze your world with their unpredictable look. There are some underground homes which quite recommended for all type of person. The first one is Switzerland’s Villa Vals located in Alpine sloped of Bals. It has unique façade which look like coming out from the ground. Looking nearby, it has a complete function of villa. Bathroom is put outside with blue bathtub and rustic style with natural stone as wall decoration. The bathroom space is more like terrace than normal bathroom in a home. At the living area, there is some items from various material such as ceramic, leather, velvet, fur and wooden.

However, artistic hanging lamps with playful colour and a set of long wooden desk have brightened up dining area. In other area, bedroom has bunk bed style and a king size bed put on the floor. It seems comfort by applying soft colour and minimalist style for the items. What makes this villa becoming eco-friendly is hydroelectric power for lighting production. Another is Bolton Eco House which looks like flower from above which has photovoltaic panels, wind turbin and heat pump as energy resource. The basic interior is in white and blue colour with modern style indeed.

Underground’s Creation

Next is Bellla Vista Hotel which seems inspired by the dwarf home. Surrounding by green landscape and warm atmosphere, that design is look like Wales’ Hobit House with wooden details and dim light inside. List of adorable underground homes design still run with glass and metal combination of Malator, hidden pool house and sophisticated underground garages to keep your limited car.

18 Photos of the Unforgettable Underground Homes in Eco-Friendly Perspective

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