Traditional Round Glass Top Dining Table Mix with Wicker

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The current design of dining table in this season is the round glass top dining table. The glass top brings stylish appearance that it could reflect everything nearby. Another benefit is it is easy to clean and will not be damage when we clean it with wet clothe, like the wooden top. It is designed more various and mixed with other materials, such as wood, iron, stainless steel, plastic, and wicker. The last material we mention is the hottest topic today that we will discuss more in the next paragraph.

Small Round Glass Top Dining Table

The round glass top dining table wicker becomes popular because of its warmth. It is a combination between glass and wicker which brings new appearance of classic. Wicker leg structure strongly stands and patches to the small glass top. It is made in brown solid surface describes a traditional appearance and looks contrast with the top. Its small size only accommodates up to four people for both indoor and outdoor dinner.

Big Round Glass Top Dining Table

This table features three materials at the same time, glass, wicker, and iron. The iron legs are the base structure to shore up the wicker and glass top, as the result it looks rare and beautiful as well. Its big size looks very traditional with light brown wicker as the base of the top glass. Its clear glass gives us transparent look under the surface and since the iron legs patch to the wicker, we get free visual without any blocking forms.

Wicker and glass deliver different and rare appearance for a dining table. They may be created into traditional and classic styles, but they will be also great for modern and contemporary styles if they are made in minimalist lines and neutral hues. Those two materials are multifunction and able to furnish your outdoor and indoor. The round glass top dining table wicker design has good and long-lasting quality that will accompany your dinner for many years.

11 Photos of the Traditional Round Glass Top Dining Table Mix with Wicker

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