The Multi-Function Convertible Beds for Your Small House

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For you who have limited spaces, the convertible beds can be a best solution. You may be confused with placing a sofa and a bed in your small space, but with convertible bed you do not have to worry anymore. Convertible bed can be easily transformed from an ordinary sofa into a bed. With a simple and easy move you can change it into a bed when the night comes. This is what we call multi-function, one furniture for two functions.

Convertible Beds: Single Bed Transformations

With many designs and styles available nowadays, you can choose any convertible bed types suit to you. The first sample is the white upholstery convertible sofa bed in red frame which can be transformed into one or two piece of beds. Another sample is a grey sliding sleeper sofa with a patented conversion mechanism. The stylish design suits for your modern and minimalistic rooms. In mid day you use it for a seat and in the night you can use it for a bed. The more plus point is the upholstery is able to remove so you can wash it. The convertible sofa beds are also perfect in children’s rooms for sleepover time.

Convertible Beds: Bunk Bed and Seating Transformations

These samples may be the most functional convertible sofa beds. The convertible sofa beds transform into bunk beds. The first sight does not show that they are multi-function, but they are really designed to those functions. They do not need much space and very easy to transform from sofas into bunk beds. The last type is sofa-seating-bed transformations. They can be transformed into a bed or two separated sofas.
Having a small house are sometimes confusing. We do not have enough space to put all furniture and items we have. Furthermore, having too much stuff in a room will make a crowded visual. The unique style and the multi-function convertible beds types are your best answer.

26 Photos of the The Multi-Function Convertible Beds for Your Small House

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