Substantial Critical Home Danger in Review

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Great residence is not only means sophisticated look but also safe place to stay but unwittingly there is critical home danger all over home’s area which can give bad effect especially for kid’s healthy.

Critical Home Danger Review

Here are some reviews of the dangers and solution of them. The critical home hidden danger is important to know. First is paint, high toxic substance can come from lurking paint especially at the old building and it surely harmful for people’s health. The high toxic can pollute the air circulation in everyday life. That’s why, if there is bad indication commonly related to respiratory disorders, it might be because paint’s problem at your residence. Asking expert to repainting the whole room then choosing low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint to renovate old paint are the best way.

Second is mold which commonly finding in wet area such as bathroom and basement. The easiest solution is keep the wet room can easily access light and fresh air by installing proper installation. Checking roof, ceiling, and any other air circulation can be prevented the mold to grow up. Third is water, especially water from old pipe. People can prevent the water’s danger by installing water filtration, flush water pipes before it used regularly, and using cold water than hot water from tap water.

Substantial Critical Home Danger

Next is carpet which can be having chemical materials and very dusty. It needs to be clean regularly and comes from free chemical material and natural fibers while regular treatment is also important for refrigerator. Be sure that there is no expired food and dirty groceries in refrigerator. Eco-friendly furniture is best used while plastic shower curtain should be dried in outdoor regularly. Stainless steel and cast iron pans are safer than non-stick pan while indoor plant and carbon monoxide detector can prevent bad circulation. Eventually, noticing pests’ activity is critical home hidden danger solution for keeping furniture in good condition.

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