Stylish One City Marina Center with Tinted Glass Exteriors

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China becomes a metropolitan city with a lot of luxurious and high buildings, including the One City Marina Center. With 2300 square meters area it is constructed in four floors and glass cover the entire building. Marina Center is located in Yantian, Shenzhen, China and designed by Kokaistudios Architecture and collaborates with Vanke. The strategic location next to Dapeng Bay and opposite the tourist port makes it as multi use building of both commercial and residential areas.

The Exterior of One City Marina Center

Before it was constructed, the sales office of Vanke planned to promote its new development and transform the One City Marina Center building into a commercial building facility with various tenants. Thus the designers created it as a stylish four-story building with all-tinted-glass walls which reflect everything nearby. Its cube and diagonal shape makes an eye-catching spot to stop by and explore the exteriors as well as interiors. The geometric pattern is reminiscent with two crystals which bring sparkling appearance.

The Interior of One City Marina Center

The entrance gate guides you to observing the interiors and starts from the central lobby. Its interiors are said inspired by yachting or sailboats clubs supported by the lighting schemes, natural wood flooring plan, and white walls. A staircase and glass elevator will transport you to the highest floor which offers you a wonderful panorama of Hong Kong islands and mountains in the north. During your exploration with contemporary staircase, there is a stylish chandelier with bubbles pattern lengthen from the ceilings to the ground floor.

Since the first glance, it is already seen as an amazing and stylish architecture to beautify the China landscape with a lot of high buildings. Before entering it, the staircase and front wide road has attracted everybody’s interest, especially the tourists to exploring its interiors and after we are inside, the real architectural design is shown. It seems as the additional commercial facility which all people can have. If you are planning to have a holiday in Yantian, do not miss the stylish One City Marina Center building as one of your destinations.

7 Photos of the Stylish One City Marina Center with Tinted Glass Exteriors

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