Stunning Wardrobe Design Ideas for Children

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Talk about modern architecture is cannot separated by wardrobe design ideas. Wardroom is a primer element in a house usually lies in bedroom. People have a lot of things and they need a space to store all their tools. As the development of technology and home designing, wardrobe design was also experiencing significant advances. Different age levels of rooms have different style of wardrobe. In this opportunity I will describe my nephew’s room that has a stunning wardrobe.

Colorful Wardrobe Design Ideas

Relate to this situation, some pictures I show can inspire you in wardrobe design ideas bedroom. The wardrobe has white glossy surface with some colors stripe in the center. The unique design of this wardrobe is hidden desk right in the center door. There is a wooden folding learning desk with glass top. This idea is very brilliant because the room was small. The folding desk make the small room looks spacious. The wardrobe shaped unorganized staked beams with colorful drawers. Red chair inside the room make the color combination richer. With glossy laminate floor the room was so exciting in modern interior.

Creative Wardrobe Design Ideas

I think the most ‘catching eyes’ furniture inside this room is the wardrobe with hidden desk. The hidden desk idea is very clever, because as the table folding up, more space will create and make this children room look spacious. Inside the wardrobe was still oddment space that can be used to store children book sand toys. With a floor to ceiling glass window beside the wardrobe, this room becomes better in lighting.
I suggest that some of the descriptions about the children wardrobe above just a small example in design wardrobe. Of course, not all people want have a kids room or even children. If you want to know more about the wardrobe design, you can open and look the wardrobe design ideas pictures in internet or catalogs.

12 Photos of the Stunning Wardrobe Design Ideas for Children

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