Stunning Garage Interior Design Ideas with Additional Furniture

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My classmate calls me to solve problems dealing with our project. Her house is quite large with two garages in front and left side of house. She has more than one vehicle because her family members are many. I park my car on driveway made of tough concrete. From here I can see peaceful sensation derived from leafy greenery and colorful flowers on modern minimalist garden. Next to minimalist garden, I find spacious garage that seems like other Garage Interior Design Ideas.

Elegant Garage Interior Design Ideas

At a glance, garage located on left side of house seems common just likewise other garages. Concrete floor of garage looks so tough and it matches with rustic brick wall in white color. Half of breadboard is designed with rough brick wall while another one is painted in grey color. Shiny wall lights give sparkling view around modern Garage Interior Design Ideas. In addition, I see ultimate wall TV setup adhered on wall that gives entertainment while occupants spend their free time in here.

Luxurious car which is regarded as ultimate product is parked tidily inside of spacious garage. Neon lights are fitted on ceiling to give more sparkling lighting effect. Metallic dining set contains round table and metallic side chairs enable occupants to sit freely. There is small bathroom inside of this garage. Upper side of bathroom is utilized as storage. Wood accent is found on cabinet applied here. Glossy silver backsplash is fitted above wood cabinet.

Wood Accent in Garage Interior Design Ideas

She takes me next garage in front of her house. This garage looks natural with wood and brick wall accent. Wood breadboard, wood ceiling and wood furniture strengthen rustic concept of natural and untreated garage ideas. Floor is designed as if it is brick wall. There are two padded armchairs with striped sofa cushions. Wood cabinets are available here. Dark laminate layers wood cabinet. Ceiling lights enlighten rustic modern Garage Interior Design Ideas.

10 Photos of the Stunning Garage Interior Design Ideas with Additional Furniture

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