Smart Natural Villa for Holiday Retreat

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A place where you could spend your holiday time must be special just like natural villa located in Swedish Island of Lidingo designed by Thomas Eriksson as Swedish Architect which entertaining the guests with combination of open space structure in large land location with outstanding scenery choice for relaxing body and mind.

Natural Villa Style

Go take a look at some design ideas of this stunning villa with natural blending values. Green large area in natural open space villa is expressing by the presence of grass front yard and a bunch of trees which are surrounding the main building. This location is applied industrial roof with combination of teak wooden wall and natural stone flooring. Besides the front yard, there is car park then from the parking area, the main building is build up-land and having natural stone staircase to connected the ground floor with the main villa.

Moreover, at the fa├žade of main building, there is a fish pool which naturally facing the terrace area. The pool is built with no roof top to avoid moss attack. The terrace is really exotic with the use of short rattan desk, classic metal floor lamp, wooden arm chair and a set of velvet sofa, and coffee cream fur rug accent with high wooden coffee desk located at the corner of terrace area while sliding glass door which also functioned as air circulation is connecting exterior and interior design.

Uncommon Natural Villa

As the stunning decoration goes, there is circular fish pool surrounding the main building completed with stone foot step from exposed natural material. However, assorted traditional carpet, a set of soft brown velvet couch, hot red curtain drapery, and built-in fireplace is greeting people at private room space. Eventually, Jacuzzi in natural open space villa design is designed memorable completing with sauna, wine storage, and beach umbrella at indoor space.

25 Photos of the Smart Natural Villa for Holiday Retreat

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