Best Small House Plans for 2013

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All of the awarded best small house plans had one thing in common – they were all built in a way that saved space. Space is a constant constraint in the modern day world and so living in a big house has almost become a luxury. So if you too have provisions to build a small house, do not worry.  There are some lovely small house plans available that will help you build some great houses. Take a look at the ideas mentioned below and learn all about small houses and their plans.

Simple and unique best small house plans

  1. The simple small house plans – The simple best small house plans are plans that help you build a simple, yet beautiful and spacious house. If you are looking for a basic, comfortable, cozy and warm adobe, these plans would be your best bet. So look for a simple plan that will allow you to build your house without any hassle whatsoever.

    Small Ranch House Plans
  2. The small urban home plans – Urban homes are steeped in luxury. So if you are looking for a small urban home, you will find many designs. These plans are widely available on the internet and can be downloaded easily. So if you are looking for a small city-styled apartment, the urban small home plans will suit you well.

  3. Themed best small house plans – Theme homes are much in vogue these days. So if you too want a rustic home or a cabin home, you can find small themed house plans to build your dream home. However, since building such a house can be tricky, make sure you do adequate research and know all about the theme houses.

The basic elements of the best small house plans

Before you finalize on the best plan for your small house, make sure the following are included in the plan:

  • Number of rooms – Everybody has different requirements. So depending on how big or small your family is, you will need a specific number of rooms in your house. So choose a plan accordingly. If you want more rooms in small sizes, have a plan that has provisions for that. If you need just one or two large rooms, find an appropriate plan.

  • Budget – Even small houses can cost you a lot of money. So keep the budget in mind at all times. If you have a limited budget, look for simple low cost house plans. If however you have a larger budget, you can look for the more luxurious best small house plans. Do not get carried away by the plans and remember your financial restraints. If you go beyond your means, you may find it difficult later on to complete the housing project.

  • Locality – The locality of the house will play a role in the design plan. For example, if you want to build a small house near the beach, the design plan will be very different that a house that will be built in the middle of a busy city. So keep the locality and neighborhood in mind and only then proceed to finding an appropriate house plan.

The best small house plans are available aplenty on the internet. Look for the best plans and the plans that have won awards. If you do not like the readymade plans, you can hire an architect and get a custom made plan as well. Whatever you do, make sure you have a very good design plan with you as only a good plan will help you when you build your house. Check out the best small house plans and draw your inspiration from them and get set to build and live in a beautiful house


9 Photos of the Best Small House Plans for 2013

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