Maximize Your Property by Using Small House Plans with Garage

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The wonderful and very useful small house plans with garage are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. This is because space has become a luxury that most people cannot afford and so they have to make do with smaller houses. And since finding a parking spot is quite a task, people prefer having a garage in their houses as well. As a result, the small house plans with garage come in handy. If you too are planning to buy or rent a house, you can take a look at these plans as they will help you in finding the most suitable and useful house for yourself and your family.

The different kinds of small house plans with garage

  1. Small house with large garage – If you have more than one car or have a very large vehicle, you will need a big garage. In such a scenario, you would be best off looking for a small house that has a big garage. If you cannot find a readymade plan, ask your architect to draw up such a plan exclusively for you.
  2. Garage with house on top – Basement garages have always been popular and now with space crunches, these plans have become all the more useful. So if you have a small area on which you want to build a house, you can check out these plans.
  3. Open backyard garage – If you do not mind parking your car in the open, but want more security, you can opt for a house plan in which the backyard doubles up as the garage. You can use the backyard to dry your clothes, etc during the day when the car is out and park the car back in at night.

Best places to find the small house plans with garage

If you are wondering as to where you can find the best small house plans with garage, you can look at the following sources:

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  • Online – The internet is a great place to look for house plans. You can find a variety of these plans. Some of the plans available online are free, while some of them are paid. The paid ones are obviously more exclusive. The free ones are also very good and useful and you can check them out for sure. If you do not find plans that you like, you can look at pictures, blueprints and diagrams of houses and then design your own house plan. So log on to the internet and keep exploring.
  • At an architect’s office – If you have specific requirements and want a faultless house plan, you can hire an architect and ask him or her to draw up a perfect small house with garage plan for you. This will prove to be an effective way to get a great custom made home plan that you will be able to use.
  • Consult a friend who has a similar house – If you know someone who has recently build a small house with a garage, you can speak to him or her and get a firsthand knowledge of the house plan.

The best home plans will always help you in making the most fantastic houses and so you most definitely need to find a good plan. Look for different kinds of house plans and compare them with one another before you make a final decision. The plans can easily be found at the above mentioned sources. So what are you waiting for? Get hold of one of the awesome small house plans with garage and get set to have your own dream home.


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