Simple Small Dining Room Sets with Storage Sofa Design

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Many ideas are shown to produce small dining room sets special for your narrow dining spaces. The designers do understand your worry to how you furnish these areas with proper furniture. Their design, size, color, and style are four important points that you have to notice to provide wrong choice. If you do not have enough space anymore in your homes, storage sofas are the effective option for you and your family meal time.

Small Dining Room Sets in White and Red

Small dining room sets storage sofa does not require large size and will not spend your narrow space. Like in this dining area, the storage sofa looks very pretty with its maroon and white accents to give enough dining room sets for this small family. The white half wall is given for the back, stripe maroon and grey upholster of the cushion, and two red pillows give them full comfort. A small square wooden table is as the dining table and a black wooden chair is for an additional seating.

Small Dining Room Sets in Dark Brown

Storage sofa is also applied in this modern residence. The brown leather upholstery looks match with the drawers behind to separate the dining and living spaces. For the dining table, the occupants choose a square metal table in high gloss top, while the three small benches and two wicker chairs are for the additional seating for bigger group dinner. They perhaps look narrow, but they give warmth and intimate dinner for all family members.

As you can see from the examples above, storage sofas only need small spaces but give large dining space. They are very simple, even if you just design them in minimalist and use cheap furniture, they will give full warmth and comfort. This dining set design offers more intimate dinner in your family and will not spend your narrow spaces. The small dining room sets storage sofa design is much more effective than the ordinary table sets.

12 Photos of the Simple Small Dining Room Sets with Storage Sofa Design

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