Salient Contemporary Architecture Exposing Zen Ambience

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The contemporary architecture could gain impressive look and become a priority model today since it delivers simplicity and sleek concept to residence. Exterior and interior including lighting are being important things to consider.

Contemporary Architecture Elements

Let’s take a look of some contemporary home’s portfolios which located in Magnolia, USA designed by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture. First, we will see compact exterior with open space style as contemporary home architecture. The building consists of four structures that surrounded by Japanese garden style with its green touch and Japanese rock décor. From the façade, this building looks compatible with glass material as window installation combined with white block concrete.

Rail fence is surrounding the building area while natural stone flooring makes the front yard looks clean and sharp. Natural stone and coral walkways are facing grass area as a way to access indoor area. Lighting is being smart focus in here both at exterior and interior place. Soft yellow beam from LED lamp dominated the lighting concept. Between the four home’s structure, there is mini garden designed in Japanese concept which really suitable for Yoga and even relaxing body on a couch. Beech wooden flooring matched with white background makes all the rooms seem large and simple.

Contemporary Architecture Line

However, exposed concrete is also used, for example as exterior wall décor completed with proper wall lamp to enhance natural effect. Going inside, kitchen space is designed with sleek kitchen appliances, white marble kitchen island and overhead storage installed to assuring clean lines at this area while a bunch of arm couch in playful colour is dominated both public and private space. Kids’ playing room has unique stuffs as well, such as geometric zebra stripes carpet, standing black board, and a set of children chair and desk. At master bathroom, green glass tile wall is bring natural element in contemporary home design architecture that matched with slim standing shower and rectangular bathtub.

11 Photos of the Salient Contemporary Architecture Exposing Zen Ambience

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