Romantic Cottage Design in English Countryside

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Which Cottage Design do you think best for your valentine days? The answers must be a romantic cottage. I have ever stayed at a romantic cottage which is located in English Countryside with my wife. There, we found amazing experience that we will not forget. If you have the same plan, I recommend you to spend your valentine day there. I present some photos of the cottage to persuade you.

Ideas of Cottage Design

Building a cottage, one will have strong intention and purpose as the base of the creation. I found the cottage design ideas of this romantic cottage were to provide a private stay for the guests and designed for only two occupants. This cottage was designed as effective as possible to give the needs of relaxing, enjoying panoramic view, and creating a strong relationship between the occupants. It has small space with effective indoor and outdoor designs including the present of the panorama and romantic path to see some beautiful flowers.

Interior of Cottage Design

Since the space is small enough, the interior should be as effective as possible. There are two lounge areas outside, nice management of the living space, dining space and kitchen at the first floor, and warm design of the bedroom and bathroom at the attic. The selection of white interior is also excellent with the furniture which is in bright colors, such as white, bright green, bright brown, etc. This cottage is also dominated with wooden material to make the room feels warm and intimate.

From this article and the pictures, you can imagine if you were there and enjoyed the warm, intimate and close atmosphere with your pair. As I experienced before, your valentine day will be more memorable and you will have stronger love to your pair. If you do not agree, you can directly go there and find the unpredictable experience with your pair. The cottage design interior based on the design ideas to have a romantic cottage will accommodate you.

8 Photos of the Romantic Cottage Design in English Countryside

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