Remarkable Kids Bedroom with Built-in Furniture

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Simple decorations with energetic feeling stuff are really important to see in kids bedroom. In this kind of place, both kids and parents will find that built-in furniture is giving much easier space concept.

Kids Bedroom Interior Design

Here is the example of portfolios from popular kids room furniture then checking them out. The first built-in kids bedroom is located in small space area which need compact interior design then yellow wave overhead bookshelves hanging above singular white study desk is perfect combined with bench sofa with dark grey cushions while another is coming up with the use of pirate accessories display in light wooden colour space and built-in bunk bed with lampion paper pendant lamp and white bay window to reflect sun beam exposure. Sliding glass door for open space bedroom is always famous solution with hidden yellow book storage and colourful children toys.

Moreover, yellow wallpaper combined with built-in wooden bed which installed together with book cabinet is perfect for minimalist concept. Then, blue sky determination is bring natural catchy atmosphere with floral blue bedcover and blue wallpaper with white floral painting while black decoration can be playful by matching with olive green back head, green combination curtain drapery and transparent glass door storage in overhead green display cabinet. At the loft area with high level ceiling, a stack of built-in wooden bookshelves with some green door application is perfect both in normal shape and also diagonal structure.

Kids Bedroom Stuff

Coming up next is red couch in white space area with assorted stripes wallpaper palette with the use of classic transparent chair facing a bunch of white window which covered by blind shade curtain. Football field wallpaper is matched with built-in corner desk and coffee sofa palette while built-in bunk bed installed together with study desk and also overhead bookshelves. Eventually, 12 built-in kids bedroom is also deliver plaid arm chair accent facing built-in oversized bedroom cabinet.

12 Photos of the Remarkable Kids Bedroom with Built-in Furniture

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