Recessed Ceiling Design Decoration

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Recessed ceiling design is relatively common to homes nowadays. If you love traditional home design with beautiful carvings and always dream of a chandelier over your dining table, then add the recessed ceiling into your list of ‘must-found’ for your house hunt. Recessed ceiling, or tray ceiling as it is commonly called, usually has many layers before it gets to the real ceiling. This architectural feature will look best with enhancement or decoration. With proper attention and care, this often overlooked feature could be a crucial focal point to your room.

Recessed Ceiling Design with Painting and Wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to decorate a recessed ceiling design would be to enhance the layering feature with a different paint color. For adding a depth to the room, paint the moldings with brighter color and paint the ceiling inside with darker color. Do the opposite for brighten up a room. Stencils or patterns will also look great with a recessed ceiling.

Recessed Ceiling Design

Adding wallpaper to the recessed ceiling design is also a good idea because it allows more choices of design. Having a metallic or reflective wallpaper will double the feeling of the room size instantly. It will also reflect the lights from your lamps and create an interesting play of lights in the room. Wallpapers with a photo or a painting of the sky will make your ceiling look extra grand, while those with natural things like grass, woven bamboo or cork will work great with wooden walls. You can also read Shelf Design in this site.

Recessed Ceiling Design Accessories

Without a doubt, lamps are the best accessories for recessed ceilings. Having them hidden between the layers is the most common technique for modern style decoration. Of course hanging pendants and chandeliers are the most common ceiling fixtures used. A ceiling fan with lights will also do great with double functions. Add a ceiling medallion between the fixture and the ceiling for greater effect. Last but not least, covering the recessed ceiling design with ceiling tiles are also a viable option, with materials such as slate, Styrofoam, steel, plastic, and cooper to aluminum.

9 Photos of the Recessed Ceiling Design Decoration

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