How to Install Pre Hung Double Doors

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Pre hung double doors are in vogue these days. It is easy to get these doors and it s easy to install them as well. As a result, people who are in a hurry to complete the construction of their houses often buy these doors and get them installed in a jiffy. Interior double doors as well as exterior double doors are available and depending on what your requirements are, you can get a beautiful pre hung door for your home. Take a look at the points mentioned below and get some very cool tips and ideas regarding the installation of pre hung double doors.

Tips to consider before installing the pre hung double doors

Before you start the installation process, you must keep the following points in mind:

pre hung double doors
  1. Getting the right kind of doors – The pre hung doors are available in many designs, shapes and sizes and you have to makes sure that you buy the most suitable door. For this, you must measure the space available and then understand what dimensions of the pre hung door must be. If you get a door that is either too broad or too long, then it would not fit into the space and you would have to change it. So make sure you get the right door in the right size only and then install it.

  2. Get the tools ready – Even though it is a preformed door, you will still need some tools to hang the door. So before you start installing, make sure you have the screw drivers, the drillers, the nuts, etc. If you have to run to the store every time you need a tool, the job of installing the pre hung double doors will take forever!

The actual task of installing the pre hung double doors

If you want to install these doors, then you can either hire a professional construction worker or you can even do the job yourself.

  • Getting professional help – The first and perhaps the best option is to hire a carpenter or a professional construction worker to install the pre hung door for you. A carpenter will know exactly where to put the door and how to do it. As a result, the job will be done with a lot of precision and you will not have any complaints later on. However remember here that hiring a professional worker will cost you some money and so if you are working on a tight budget, this option may not really work out for you.

  • Installing the door yourself – The next and the more economical option is to install the door yourself. For this however you have to do some research and see how exactly a pre hung door is installed. The door will have an instruction manual so read it carefully and get a better understanding of the entire process. This will help you to go about the task in a methodical manner. If you need some help, you can ask your friends or your family members to assist you in the project.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get some fabulous double French doors for your home. These doors are extremely elegant and give a fantastic push to the overall design scheme of the house. The doors are available in various designs and also in various price ranges and so no matter how small or big your budget is, you will surely find a door that you like. You can buy these doors from online stores or you can buy them from a local furniture store as well. So go on and get yourself some beautiful pre hung double doors.


8 Photos of the How to Install Pre Hung Double Doors

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