Plush King Abdullah Financial Metro Station for Easier Transportation

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As a rich country, Saudi Arabia will build a plush metro station which is named King Abdullah Financial Metro Station. Since it is a public transportation, it will be constructed in the capital city of Riyadh and designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in four next years. It is also going to be given new system of public transportation to accommodate the growing population of five million people. It is planned to construct in 2000 square meters area and consists of six platforms which four platforms are for public and the rest two are for underground parking.

King Abdullah Financial Metro Station: the Exterior

The King Abdullah Financial Metro Station design plan will be another unique and eye-catching architecture with wave shaped exteriors. It is planned to feature pathways network central element, sky bridges, metro lines, connectivity diagrams, and a site to describe the map and structures to clearly guide the routes for pedestrian which will be very effective in crowded hours. The three lattices are aimed to create high station, while the waves act as the air circulations to bring in the air in order to create cool atmosphere.

King Abdullah Financial Metro Station: the Interior

Looking at the interior plan, it is as stunning as the exterior with high ceilings and symmetric structures. The all-white walls and grey tile floors are as a modern concept to create a sophisticated and luxurious railway station. Escalators are the access to bring you from one floor to another floor. The wave ventilations are not just as the air circulations, but also give a lighting effect from the natural lighting outside and penetrate the holes that create geometric silhouette.

Riyadh becomes a metropolitan city with its skylights and luxurious buildings. With its wealth from the natural resources, it could build many plush offices and public facilities. The new metro station is one of its plans to develop this country to be more prosperous for its people. The plush King Abdullah Financial Metro Station design will more facilitate the society to have easier transportation access from one district to another district with clean and proper public place.

6 Photos of the Plush King Abdullah Financial Metro Station for Easier Transportation

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