Perky Glass House as Calm Residence

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There are many ideas of iconic residence around the world but people should have look this glass house pattern to make them believe that iconic place comes from unique idea.

Natural Blends in Glass House

Take a look at some suggestions for a residence blends with natural atmosphere. Instead of using brick, concrete, and another common wall décor, glass house design is using glass material which make this place looks transparent both form inside and outside. We will review a glass house named the Clearhouse located in Shelter Island, New York, USA which designed by Stuart Parr Design. Blessing with Peconic bay as outside view, this house created as open space area. At the ground, there is no wall and even room separator. This area could be a garage while at the second floor, glass material is surrounding most of building’s structure.

Large walkways with grass area, natural stone, and a bunch of trees are greeting people who come to this place. Going inside, people will get similar impression like the exterior which is clean and fresh. Installing less and even no thick wall make everybody can access outside scenery all the time. At dining room, high wooden table matched with velvet dark chairs and animal statue. At another side, modular leather sofa is being a best place to enjoy film and chit chat with friends and relative.

Calmness in Glass House

Next, master bedroom with dark leather platform, laminating wooden wall, velvet couch, and of course glass wall for relaxing body and mind in charm atmosphere. The bathroom comes up with sea foam tile marble flooring and wallpaper in grey and white combination with slim sink and sunken standing shower. In short, calmness is being a good point from glass house design performance which must be good for holiday retreat.

12 Photos of the Perky Glass House as Calm Residence

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